The Shar Pei-Pit Bull Mix Breed – General Information

Sharpull Terrier Breed Info

The Sharpull Terrier is considered by some a loving protector and a perfect companion, due to its alertness, loyalty, but also athleticism, and intelligence.  This dog is a mix between the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Chinese Shar-Pei. This article will give you some pointers to help you understand this unique cross-breed.

A pretty unique mix

The Sharpull Terrier breed, although very much real, is not recognized by the American Kennel Club. It is instead recognized by other dog clubs like the Designer Breed Registry and the International Designer Canine Registry.

Pit Bulls usually show a great level of intelligence, strength, and affection, being very protective of the people they love. The Shar-Pei dog, on the other hand, will be very territorial, stubborn, alert, and loyal. A combination of these two breeds will surely create a pretty unique dog. The resulting pup will surely be a strong-willed, although adorable creature known as the Sharpull Terrier.

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As long as they are properly trained and taken care of with care and responsibility, these dogs will be among the best pets to have around the house. Below you will find some additional information about this not-so-known breed.

Interesting Facts About The Sharpull Terrier

Its Appearance

Mixing a Pit Bull with a Shar Pei will get you a dog with a weight of around 60 pounds and a medium height. It will also have a sturdy frame and a strong jawline like the Pit Bull and a dark snout, dark eyes, and a medium-length coat like its Shar Pei parent. On top of that, they have really small paws.


The temperament and general personality traits of the Sharpull dogs are a natural combination of their parents. They are intelligent, although stubborn, and even aggressive at times, they love their owners and are very loyal, although they will not like other dogs. They won’t give you a lot of sleepless nights and they aren’t used to throwing tantrums. They also rarely bark. As long as they are trained from a pretty young age and get to socialize consistently with all of the family members, they will become delightful family pets.

Living Conditions

This small pet will like open areas and cool places and will get its amazing thick coat from its Shar Pei parent. They will prefer to live in a wide, open space, although they can also be raised in apartments as long as they are taken care of and properly exercised.

Diet and Exercise

Sharpull Terrier FaceThe dog is known to gain weight pretty easily, just like the Shar Pei. This is why it is very important to give it a lot of exercise time each day and keep it under a well-balanced, healthy diet. A Sharpull Terrier will need a lot of outdoor time, long walks, and even jog sessions if possible. If you take it on your contemplation walks with you, they will be almost unnoticeable, not you causing any unnecessary distractions. Considering that they have a well-layered body, you will have to offer them regular water breaks to keep them from overheating.


Another great aspect about Sharpulls is that they hardly ever shed. They will only need a proper brushing one time per week. The only exception will be during springtime when they will have to get brushed each day because this is when they enter their coat shedding season.


Make sure you don’t fall for the adorable face of this dog. These creatures are very stubborn and aggressive even though they will look innocent. To avoid any disobedience or temper issues when they reach adulthood, you will have to give them enough socializing and proper training from a very young age.

If you plan to adopt one and you’re not an experienced trainer, keep in mind that these dogs might require professional training classes. When you try to discipline them, you should go for a firm but positive reinforcement, because this is what they will like the most. People trying to get nasty around these dogs have had the ugly surprise of seeing their mean side. You should also be patient when introducing them to new people because they usually don’t like any new faces or smells around them.

Health Issues of the Breed

As I already said, it is vital to give these dogs enough exercise to keep them fit and healthy. Their folded, thick coats will be very susceptible to some very nasty skin problems. Their folds will usually trap bacteria, leading to ugly infections on the dog’s body and ears, and even leading to inverted eyelids. You will also have to brush their teeth every two to three times per week to keep them healthy. The folds on the dog’s skin coupled with the thick fur also cause overheating of the skin. This is why you will have to help the dog keep hydrated at all times.

The information above should be enough to get a general idea about the Shar Pei-Pit Bull mix breed. If you think that this dog is for you and you’re sure you can take proper care of it, then be ready to have a perfect companion, one that will prove to be cute, loving, protective, and very loyal.

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