Great Mustang Horse Names

Mustang Horse Names

If you’re a horse enthusiast and are planning on getting a mustang horse, then you will surely need the perfect name for such a beast. The list below should give you some interesting ideas for mustang horse names to pick from.

But before getting into the name list, let’s talk a little about this magnificent creature and its history. Mustang horses are believed to have descended from horses that came to the US with the Spanish conquistadors. They are very free-roaming and very hardy animals. This almost mythical creature stands out for its independence, speed, grace, but also hardiness, qualities that have made it a popular mascot in sports and other industries.

The last ice age, which happened around 11,000 years ago, eliminated all the prehistoric horse species that used to live in North America. This continent would only see horses again when Christopher Columbus came to the New World, bringing with him horses of multiple breeds from Barb, Arabian, and Andalusian ancestry. This is when the repopulation of North America with horses really happened. Although the horses that came with the Spanish conquistadors had a lot of important qualities, their hardiness really stood out. This important quality was one of the main reasons why the breed managed to survive on its own in the wild, many people calling it a breed made to survive.

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Wild horses are nowadays quite the common sight in Both South and North America. These feral or wild horses are resulted from the stolen, strayed, or left behind ones. Native Americans actually started to catch them when they learned to horse riding. When they started catching them, they pretty much went overboard with this skill, a tribe getting to own over a thousand horses while a single Native American had close to a hundred. Some of these horses would be lost while nomadic tribes would move from one place to another. This is how these horses ended up scattered all around America and then bred freely.

Names for Mustang Horses

Names for Female Horses Names for Male Horses
 Snowflake  Zippity Do Dah
 Silver Lining  Zeus
 Ruby  Zack Attack
 Rosie the Apparoosa  Uno
 Rosa  Teacher
 Renewal of Life  Sounds of Thunder
 Ramona  Sky of Enchantment
 Proudbottom  Si
 Paloma  Salvador
 Opal  Prairie
 Nova  Power
 My Dazzlin Destiny  Pollo
 My Dazzlin Desire  Pepe Peso
 Moondance  Pancho
 Lucy  Paco
 Jewel  Pablo
 Hazel  Native Jewel Pony
 Harriet  Nacho
 Golden Feather Pony  Motorcycle Mustang
 Ginger  Mosaic Appaloosa
 Gabriella  Monarch
 Evita  Merryleg
 Esmerelda  Mario
 Epona  Loco
 Eloise  Incognito
 Eliza  Hombre
 Dancer  Hidalgo
 Cyril  Happy Trails
 Copper Enchantment  Glue-Boy
 Clover  Fru-Fru
 Christmas Parade  Flame
 Christina  Diego
 Catherine  Condo
 Carmen  Cloud
 Buttermilk  Cigarette
 Bonita  Chico
 Bela  Blanca
 Bedazzled  Black-Jack
 Apple-oosa  Amigo
 Becky  Allstar
 Sunka Wakan
 The Old Gray Mare
 Viva Las Vegas

Interesting Facts on Mustangs

Wild MustangsMustang horses come in a lot of different colors like brack-skinned white, flea-bitten gray, snip-nosed pinto, cream-maned palomino, splotches Appaloosa, toasted sorrel, red roan, rusty brawn, shining black, blue roan, blue, smoky, coyote dun, and more.

  1. Mustangs are protected under the law for The Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971.
  2. Although at the start of the 20th century there were more than 2 million mustangs in the US, that number came to an abrupt decrease to only about 30,000 by the end of the century.
  3. The good cow sense of Mustangs made these creatures great cattle working companions, which is why they quickly became the favorites of both cowboys and Native Americans.
  4. Horses of the Mustang breed are roaming freely for over 300 years now. This is why they are currently very hardy, independent, and thrifty animals.
  5. In Spanish, the word mustang actually means untamed and wild.

I hope the list of names will prove to be helpful for people looking to name their mustang horse. If you have any other ideas, please leave a comment below and I will add them to the article.

Mustang Names Inspired By Movies

  • Thunderhead — The colt that appeared in the movie Thunderhead, Son of Flicka.
  • Pilgrim and Gulliver — The horses that appear in the movie The Horse Whisperer. This is a beautiful story talking about the love of a horse for its owner.
  • Spirit — The character from the animated film, The Stallion of Cimarron.
  • Seabiscuit — This movie was actually based on true events. Seabiscuit became popular because it was a racehorse that, although undersized, inspired a lot of people with his success on the tracks.
  • Cisco — The horse that appears in the film Dance with Wolves.
  • Tornado — The strong and fast horse owned by Zorro in the movie The Mask of Zorro and other ones portraying the hero.
  • Pie — The horse that appeared in the movie National Velvet from 1944.
  • Philip — This is the talking horse on which Edmund rides in the classic film The Chronicles of Narnia.
  • Shadowfax — This name is very popular among Lord of the Rings fans and it was the ethereal white horse known as the lord of all the horses. He would run faster than the wind.
  • El Diablo — The wild racehorse from the popular movie The Devil Horse from 1932.
  • Hidalgo — The mustang Hidalgo and his American distance rider Frank Hopkins were the main characters of the movie Hidalgo.

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