The Pit Bull-Poodle Mix – Interesting Facts

Pit Bull Poodle Mix Facts

So what should you expect when you cross a Poodle with a pit bull? The result will be a very loyal, enthusiastic, and active dog. This article should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect from this hybrid’s temperament, personality, and general health.

Interesting facts

The name Pitbull is used as a description for breeds like Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Bull Terriers, and American Pitbull Terriers, and all of these breeds are considered very loving and loyal pets.

When you cross two purebred dogs, you will get a mixed breed or a designer dog. In our case, the American Pit Bull Terrier is crossed with the Standard Poodle. When it comes to a purebred dog, it will usually have a long line of ancestors with some clear physical and temperament characteristics. In the case of designer dogs or hybrids, on the other hand, predicting the actual traits of the resulting dog will be pretty difficult, because it will get features from both parents and end up with a pretty unique personality on its own.

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So let’s first understand the parent breeds and their characteristics.

The Standard Poodle

Although people know Poodles due to their cute looks, there is a lot more to these dogs than their physical appearance. Throughout centuries, Poodles helped hunters fetch waterfowl, being known as the consummate water retrievers.

Poodles love physical activity, are very agile and amazingly smart, and need constant physical activity. They are pretty easy to train, especially because they are athletic, eager to learn, and intelligent.

But what about the Poodle’s coat? It is usually curly and will require daily extensive brushing to prevent it from getting matted. To prevent issues with their furs, owners will choose to keep the Poodles’ coats trimmed to really short dimensions. Poodles are also a good choice for families that need low allergen pets, as they won’t usually shed too much.

The American Pit Bull Terrier

When it comes to the American Pit Bull Terrier, we’ve all heard stories about its violent fighting ancestors, but, as it turns out, today’s specimens are very loyal and calm pets, great to be kept around the house.

Contrary to the myths around them, pit bulls are actually very sensitive and loving. These dogs will not only protect their owners but will worship them and show them constant love.

As for their physical appearance, expect pitties to be muscular and stocky, with a broad jawline and a wide head. Their coat is very tight, short, and easy to care for.

The Pit Bull – Poodle Mix

Personality and Temperament

Both of their parents are family dogs, very loving towards their owners and close humans, which means that the offspring will be just the same. Although each dog has its own unique personality, Poodles have an overall reputation of being quite aloof.

Don’t be surprised if your dog will be somewhat mischievous and stubborn. You will have to teach this dog basic commands, as you will have to do with any other dog, regardless of its breed. The best approach for this particular crossbreed would be a force-free positive training method. It is smart and sensitive enough to pick up commands pretty quickly.

The mix between a Poodle and a Pit Bull will be very loyal and protective of the people around it and what it considers home. This is why proper socialization will be a must. Encourage as much interaction as possible between the dog and other pets and people to make sure it learns how to behave.

The Pit-Poodle mix will love to play with all members of the family, will be energetic and active, and very engaging. Keep in mind that some people out there have trained the Pit Bull dogs to be deliberately aggressive, taking advantage of their tendency to please. Any Pit Bull mix would go to any lengths to please its owner, thriving on attention and love. Make sure that you understand what it means to own this type of dog before getting one home. As long as you give it enough exercise, socialization, and training, you will get one of the best possible pet dogs.

Its Health and Grooming

Pit Bull Poodle Mix DogAs long as you get your Pit-Poodle from a reputable source, you shouldn’t have issues with its general health. Remember: ONLY GET DOGS FROM REPUTABLE BREEDERS. Getting a puppy from a puppy mill or dubious breeder will not only put you at risk of raising a dog with genetic or personality issues but will also encourage these breeders to continue with their unethical breeding practices. Dogs from puppy mills are never scanned for inherited illnesses and most of them won’t get the necessary vaccinations either.

Although Pit Bulls aren’t dogs to need a lot of grooming, the resulting Poodle-Pit Bull mix will take some coat characteristics from the Poodle parent, meaning that you will have to make time for daily brushing of the dog’s coat. You should also consider taking it to a professional groomer from time to time.

Pitties will love to play with chew toys, so make sure you get them a lot of those but look for sturdier ones because these dogs have quite the bite.

The average expected lifespan for these dogs is somewhere around 10 years.

A very sad fact is that Pit Bulls and mixes of this breed are some of the most abandoned and returned to a shelter dogs. This is why it is vital to understand not only the breed but also its individual needs, before actually getting a dog and taking it home. You might also need a permit to get this dog depending on where you live because Pit Bulls are part of Breed Specific Legislation.

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