Johnson American Bulldog – What You Need To Know

Johnson American Bulldog Breed

The English and French varieties of the bulldog breed are well-known around the world but few people know anything about the less common, American counterpart.

The American Bulldog is a strong, muscular, and lean breed of dog with great looks. They’re portrayed as being tough enough to be great utility dogs – but they also make excellent family pets because these dogs are social creatures.

So, let’s get right into all of the important information about this breed to find out whether or not it will work for you.

What Is a Johnson American Bulldog?

The American Bulldog can be broken down into two main categories, which are the Johnson Bulldogs and Scott Bulldogs. Johnsons have been known as the “classics” of the breed, while Scotts tend more towards performance-type dogs.

Most of the Bulldogs that you will find around the US will come from either of these two breeds or are a mix of the two.

Johnson American Bulldogs are known for being the classic or original type of bully. They typically have a very bulky appearance due to their muscle-filled frame and lean meat content that can weigh up 90 pounds on average, though 120 pounders exist as well. These dogs also stand about 23 to 27 inches at shoulder height.

The Johnson American Bulldog is a white-furred dog that has black splotches all over. Their head makes them look even more menacing due to its uncommonly big size.

This breed won’t shed as much as most breeds, which makes these dogs hypoallergenic. You will notice a coat that is very smooth to the touch. In the past, these dogs were known to have red, black, and brown coats, but due to crossbreeding, evolutionary traits have made it possible for them to develop different shades of mixed brown and fawn.

The eyes of the Johnson American Bulldogs are brown or black, and there are a few rare cases in which they will have eyes of different colors.

The American Bulldog is a loyal, playful breed that loves kids. They are also kind to other animals and seem like the perfect family pet! One thing you might notice about this dog, though? The laziness factor can come out when they’re comfortable in their own environment. You’ll find them spending more time sleeping than playing. There are some reports showing Johnson’s lines of bulldogs being so protective of young humans that they can even be left alone to protect children.

The History and Origin

White Johnson BulldogThe American Bulldog is a very old breed that came to life from the Old English Bulldog, which was brought into South America by working immigrants. Their existence was first recorded in the 17th century when they were used as ranch or farm dogs.

These dogs were used for a lot of different jobs. They were known as great shepherd’s assistants, helping with gathering herd animals like cattle or bulls. They were also good guardians, protecting farms from predators and catching game, as well as guarding people and property.

The Old English Bulldog was used in the 18th century in dog fights. These fights were also called bullbaiting, and it was a very bloody sport. This activity was banned pretty quickly, but this dog continued to be popular for its utility around farms and farm animals.

The breed was also very popular for fending off migrated feral pigs. This made them one of the most desired breeds to own around farms, especially in the Southern parts of America, where they did a great job dealing with feral pig infestation, a wild animal that had no natural predators in the food chain up to that point.

When World War II broke out, the Bulldog almost went extinct. However, an enterprising breeder named John D Johnson took an effort to keep the breed alive by scouring the country for Bulldogs and chose only those he believed were of high quality.

Sometime later, Alan Scott, another dog enthusiast, came into the picture and helped Johnson revive this almost extinct breed.

Alan Scott’s love for the Southern Farm breeds made him lean towards a more athletic and long-legged bulldog than other types. This led to his famous Standard American bulldog, also known as “The Scott Type” or ‘Standard American Bulldog.’

At the same time, some of Johnson’s American Bulldog specimens were mixed with English Bulldogs, which resulted in a more muscular, bulker breed that is well known all around the world.

The Johnson bloodlines have a bunch of different patches and sketches of brown, black and red, while Scott’s bloodlines are mostly white.

As it happens with any breed, with the passing of the years, a lot of variations have popped up from these two sub-breeds. Even so, it’s still pretty clear that American Bulldogs fall into one or a combination of the two original types.

Its Temperament

The Johnson American Bulldog is a very sweet and loving companion. They are confident, loyal to their family unit that includes kids and other members of the household; these dogs often form protective instincts towards them as well, which makes them very similar to English Bulldogs.

This is one of the reasons why there are considered great protectors of both property and people and also very good watchdogs. The only issue experts talk about in terms of their ability to guard your home is the fact that they tend to attack strangers when their fighting instincts start to hit.

They will be very affectionate to their owners and people they know, but at the same time, they will be very suspicious and aggressive towards complete strangers. There have been a lot of instances in which a Johnson American Bulldog protected the life of its owner in case of imminent danger.

You should keep in mind that the Johnson American Bulldog needs a lot of exercise daily. If they spend a lot of time doing nothing, they tend to become restless and start to damage furniture and other objects around the house.

To make sure it gets enough exercise, you should engage in daily exercise with the Johnson American Bulldog, up to the point where you tire them almost completely. This is one of the main reasons why you shouldn’t get a dog from this breed if you plan to keep it in an apartment. A house with a backyard or big lawn would be a lot more suitable for them.

You should make sure your Johnson American Bulldog gets proper training and socialization, especially so it knows how to behave around strangers. This will help you avoid any unnecessary shows of aggression that could get you as an owner in trouble.

For a better connection with your dog, you should bond with it since its baby days. You should avoid getting an adult dog that hasn’t received proper socialization because it is very important for them to be around you and learn how to behave around family members. Going on a daily walk or exercise session with your dog will help fulfill their exercise needs, while also creating a stronger bond between you and your pet.

Its General Health

Here are some health issues this breed is prone to having to face:

  • Dysplasia: This is a condition that is pretty common in large dogs, which develops due to abnormal joint development. Most of the time, this disease will develop during the early months of the pup. This illness can lead to uneven bone growth, osteoporosis, and in some extreme instances, even the inability to walk. If you manage to discover this illness soon enough, it can be fixed through surgery. This will help to lessen or even remove the pain felt by your pet.
  • Cherry Eye: Cherry eye is an illness that will cause an eyelid protrusion. It is common in a lot of pets, American Bulldogs being no exception. An easier to understand explanation is that a mass of flesh radiates to the outside part of the eye, caused by a gland abnormality. This illness can be diagnosed by most veterinarians and is considered a birth defect. If it gets too severe, it can usually be removed through surgery. If it is in its early stages, it can be treated with the help of medications.
  • Fibrosarcoma: This illness refers to the abnormal development of fibroblast cells that can be found in the tissues of a pet’s body. This is a serious illness that can lead to forming of bone tumors, which ultimately can cause fractures or even limb amputation. It isn’t clear what is the cause behind this condition, but it can happen to any Johnson American Bulldog, regardless of how you raise it or what you feed it.

You should try to schedule periodic vet visits to make sure your pet is in perfect shape. You should also try to do all of the required vaccinations so that the dog’s immune system can prevent known diseases. It would be best if you always kept an eye on your Bulldog’s general health because this way, you can be sure that your dog will be around you for a lot of years.

Dietary Needs

It would help if you always prepared big meals for you, the Johnson American Bulldog considering its impressive size. As a general rule, you should feed these dogs a lot of proteins and always give them enough water to make sure they grow healthy. Doing this will ensure the development of lean muscles that they can use for daily exercise.

American Bulldog Johnson Line

Most high-quality dog food brands will follow the standards of the AAFCO (American Feed Control Officials). One of the better alternatives is the Wild High Grain-free dog food, a product that combines both vegetables and bull meat to create the perfect, tasty meal. You should expect to pay around $60 to $100 for a pack of food from this brand.

It would be best if you also considered getting treats along with the necessary food. You can use these for familiarity and bonding purposes, as well as positive enforcement training sessions. As a general rule, you should try to avoid treats that are very high in calories because those can hit your dog’s diet and increase its weight.

The food that your Bulldog need will set you back quite a lot because these dogs eat a lot.

Daily Exercise

Dogs, in general, can show aggression signs or stubbornness as early as within their third week after birth. This is the reason why you shouldn’t ignore the training of your pet dog. A properly trained dog will be better prepared for the life ahead, making it a great companion.

Your dog should know the usual things: socialization with other pets and people, biting control, leash training, and potty training.

Biting Control: These dogs like to bite on things, especially when they are still pups. There are a few techniques that will help you keep this need in check. It has been proven that teethers or other types of toys can, in time, lessen the biting needs of your dog. Having toys around them to chew on will help them avoid getting bored, which will decrease their desire to destroy things. Positive reinforcement can also help overcome this issue. Giving your dog treats every time it bites in a gentle way can teach it moderation.

Socialization: The Johnson American Bulldog can be reserved, sometimes even aggressive towards strangers even though they can be pretty close and very loyal to their owners. This is something implanted in their genes, from the days in which they were farm guards and protected their owners and the livestock. This makes this breed of dogs very suspicious around people they don’t have a bond with. This can be fixed if you give your dog proper socialization with other pets and different people to learn how to act around strangers and unknown animals.

Potty Training: This training refers to the pet’s ability to place the potty in one set place. This is something pretty easy to learn for most Bulldogs, seeing that they are very smart. The easy road towards mastering this training type is by creating a schedule that the dog can get used to and follow each day. You shouldn’t expect your dog to understand what you want from your first try. Be patient and remember that you don’t talk the same language. Avoid punishing your dog every time it messes up because it will cause them to close inside and get reserved. If done properly, this training type can be finished in less than a week.

Grooming Needs

It isn’t all that hard to groom a Johnson American Bulldog, seeing that it has short and thin fur.

You should know that this breed doesn’t need baths unless they roll around in mud or anything similar. They also shed minimally regardless of the time of the year. You would only have to brush their coat slightly from time to time to keep it nice and straight.

Going to a professional groomer is always up to you, but it isn’t something you couldn’t live without.

You should try to brush your Bulldog just twice a month. To avoid hair from getting all over your stuff, you should do the brushing outside, on the lawn, or in the backyard.

You wouldn’t need a big brush for your Johnson American Bulldog’ since its coat is very thin. You can use a grooming hand glove to have better access to the coat and better control of the activity. You should start at the dog’s head and move downwards on the body for a better look.

As for baths, they should only be done every two months. You shouldn’t worry too much about your dog getting dirty because Johnson American Bulldogs as a breed are very clean animals. Refrain from using human shampoos on your dog because those can damage its skin. You should get a professional dog shampoo to clean them properly.

Don’t forget to also clean your dog’s mouth, ears and trim its nails. These body parts can be very sensitive, so make sure you’re treading carefully. While going for a full grooming session, don’t forget to look for any signs of illness and check out your Bulldog’s overall health.

Drooling and Flatulence

As you might already know, the Johnson American Bulldog is one of the dogs that have a salivating problem, especially due to the fact that this breed has loose skin on the mouth and cheeks. This means that the dog will usually need a clean-up before and after each meal. This isn’t necessarily something to worry about, as the dog can be trained to address this problem.

If fed synthetic food, Bulldogs will also have problems with excessive flatulence as well. This can be easily countered by buying foods made only from natural ingredients and as fresh as possible, especially when feeding your dog meat.

Where Can I Find a Johnson American Bulldog?

Johnson American Bulldog Puppy

Depending on where you get your Johnson American Bulldog, you might get a younger, healthier specimen or an older one that could have medical issues or be poorly trained. When buying from a breeder, remember that a professional one would take great care of your pup from birth right until the sale, so don’t cut any corners and go for a professional seller with great reviews.

Among reputable breeders, there are a few sellers you should try to avoid: backyard breeders and puppy mills.

Getting a dog from a backyard breeder or a puppy mill can mean a lot of health issues down the road. While puppy mills produce a lot of puppies, inbreed them and treat them poorly only for the sake of money, backyard sellers have no idea how to raise a pup, what vaccinations it will need, and how to keep it healthy.

You can always try to get a puppy through adoption from a center. There are quite a few adoption centers and homes that have rescued Johnson American Bulldog and are offering them for adoption all around the US. This usually is the cheapest way of getting a dog.

Although it might turn out to be quite hard to find this particular breed in an adoption center, in the end, it will feel very rewarding to give an abandoned pup a home. Adopting a dog might mean that it will be an older specimen, and you will probably have to work on its temperament, but in the end, you might end up with a very loyal companion.

Should You Get a Johnson American Bulldog?

You should get Johnson American Bulldog if you are looking for a loyal dog that enjoys daily exercise. They are great for people that have a big backyard or lawn where the dogs can run and consume their energy.

If instead, you live in a smaller apartment or condo, then you should probably look around for a smaller dog or at least one that isn’t as active. If a Johnson American Bulldog is what you want and nothing else, then be prepared for an unforgettable experience with a dog that will bond with your whole family and do everything it can to protect it.

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