Key Aspects about The Border Collie-Pit Bull Mix

Border Collie PitBull Mix

The breeding of a Border Collie with a Pitt Bull has given birth to an amazingly intelligent and very powerful dog. You can find out more about this mix of breeds along with information on its looks, temperament traits, and any other qualities of these dogs in the article below.

Before even getting into details about these dogs it’s very important to say that the breed is prone to chewing extensively and might even destroy your house along with any small items in it if you don’t keep the dog entertained. This is why exercise is key when owning this particular breed of dog.

This one was a pretty strange mix, between a dog that is considered the most aggressive one (although some people consider it very affectionate), which is the PitBull, and the dog that is considered the most intelligent out of all breeds, the Border Collie. It will be pretty hard to keep a dog of this particular mix, especially for new dog owners, because it will require a lot of work and patience and you will always have to find activities for the pet. Most of the time, this breed of dog is kept for participation in different sports due to its agility and stamina. Some people like to call this breed either Border Pit or Pit Collie. So let’s get into more details about the specifics of this mixed breed.

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The parents of the dog

Border Collie

  • Temperament: This is a very active, loving, and incredibly smart dog
  • Lifespan: 12 – 13 years
  • Weight: 30 – 45 pounds
  • Height: 19 – 23 inches
  • Group: Herding

American Pit Bull Terrier

  • Temperament: This is a strong dog, that is also active, loyal loving, and, to everyone’s surprise, very smart as well.
  • Lifespan: 12 – 14 years
  • Weight: 30 – 90 pounds
  • Height: 17 – 23 inches
  • Group: Molosser

Other Details About the Border Collie-Pit Bull Mix

Their Appearance

Most of the time, a dog resulting from this mix will have the sports or markings of a Border Collie combined with the body of a Pit Bull. The ears will be semi-erect. These dogs will usually have a black and white coat. The length of the hair will differ and can be from very short to unusually long. It can have eyes of different colors.

  • Height: This dog will reach a height of 30 – 35 inches, considerably more than its parents.
  • Weight: It will usually reach anywhere between 50 and 62 lb.

Common Personality Traits

Border Collie Pitbull Mix PupAs with most mixes of two popular breeds, to know what to expect in terms of temperament you will have to find out the general traits of its parents because the puppy will be a combination of its parents in this regard.

This breed lives an intense life and is considered very active. You won’t get away with just one walk per day. You will have to prepare daily activities that would really consume the energy of the dog.

Both pure-bred parents will be prey-oriented, which means that care should be taken from the beginning to the end with this dog. It will always try to do what it is best at, which is herding anything that moves, but it might be pretty easy to train because of its intelligence and attentiveness. You will have to spend a lot of time socializing with the pet and training it from an early age. The dog has a lot of energy and it has to learn how to deal with it properly.

You shouldn’t ignore the fact that one of the parents is the Pit Bull, one of the breeds that are considered very violent. Most of the time, this mix will be loving, but you should always be on the lookout for signs of aggressiveness and deal with this as soon as you notice it. At least until you know you can keep the dog in check, you shouldn’t take it in places with a lot of dogs or overcrowded areas. You should also keep children away from the dog until it is properly trained, especially if they seem to annoy the animal.

When trained properly, you shouldn’t have issues with the aggressiveness of the dog, which overall is considered one of the smartest mixes. Proper training will also ensure that the dog will be well behaved around other dogs and will ignore obnoxious children.

Overal Care Tips

Food and diet

An interesting aspect is that food will usually fall below its need for exercise. It is a very focused breed and will usually only eat as much as it needs. This means that you won’t have issues with overfeeding it and you might even try a free-feeding approach if this is the only dog in the house. This breed of dog, especially when it gets enough exercise, will be pretty healthy and on the lean side.

You should also add bones to its diet when possible because bones will help fulfill the need for chewing which this dog has a lot of.

Its Shedding

This is a dog that will experience minimal to moderate shedding depending on the length and type of hair it has, so professional grooming isn’t really required.

Exercise needs

This dog needs a lot of action so figure out a way to take it on long walks and runs. You shouldn’t take it to dog parks, because it might get in trouble with other dogs. This means that you should look for other, more secluded areas. Consider spring poles, treadmills, and the occasional tug.

If you also want to train its wits, consider puzzle training.

Common health problems

This dog is very prone to allergies, so consider regular checkups.

The Border Collie-Pit Bull mix can be a great dog to keep around your house and it shouldn’t surprise you if this pet will actually outsmart you with its intelligence. Owning this particular mix of breeds will mean having a pet that is easy to train, very playful, particularly strong, and affectionate.

These are the general aspects of this mix. These aren’t general rules and each dog will be a unique specimen with its own temperament traits and personality. If you have anything else to add to the article, leave a comment below and I`ll make sure to answer as soon as possible.

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