A Little More About Me.

I’ve been a veterinary practician for the last 7 years with an extensive experience working with all kinds of animals at the Mill Brook Animal Clinic

My Story

I Am a Veterinary Doctor practicing clinical medicine for over years now, specialized particularly in exotic animal pathologies.

I’m very comfortable around animals of all kinds, but just like everything else in life, there’s always room for more knowledge. This blog was made as a way for me to save in writing everything cool I know and learn

You should know that the difference between a healthy and happy pet and a really seriously ill one can be made by just a small piece of vegetable, fruit, or other treat and it all depends on the animal’s digestive system.

But I’ll get into all of these, along with other cool subjects in the multitude of articles I plan to write on this blog. I plan to talk about how to better treat and raise your pet or what are some cool names depending on the animal you have.

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Have an Article Idea?

I could never know everything there is to know about pets, especially about exotic ones. If you have an article idea, something to add in an already published piece of content or want to correct me on anything, get in touch.