is offering one-time financial grants of up to $1,200 USD to individuals who own pets and are struggling to pay their vet-related bills. You can use this grant as a way of covering the cost of veterinary treatment, in part or in full, for non-emergency and non-routine expenses.Since the start of this grant program I have been swamped with applications, so please don’t rely on this grant alone to cover your financial needs. Considering that the team working behind Petculiars at this point is pretty limited, only a small number of applicants will actually receive these grants. To increase your chances of getting a grant, you can also apply to other financial aid options already available on a national level. The more programs you apply to, the more chances you’ll have at getting a grant. To avoid unnecessary clogging of the grant system, please only apply to those programs that are applicable to you and your particular situation.

Application Process

To apply for this grant you will have to go through six simple steps.

  1. You, as an applicant, will have to contact the veterinary clinic that will be treating your pet, and make sure they have no issues working with organizations offering this kind of financial help.
  2. You will have to go through all of the content of this page and make sure you understand all the guidelines.
  3. You will then submit a pre-screening form only if you qualify for the financial grant, based on your specific situation.
  4. The Petculiars team will go over the information you have submitted through the pre-screening form. As soon as you passed the pre-screening phase, the team will get in contact with you and request any other needed details like proof of financial hardship.
  5. Once the application is approved, you will receive a final confirmation email from the Petculiars team. When you have confirmation of an approved application, you can go ahead and request veterinary care from the clinic.
  6. When payment for the treatment is requested by the clinic, you will ask for a detailed invoice for payment, which you will forward to Petculiars. Petculiars will then transfer the funds to you through a bank wire transfer.

Conditions To Qualify for Help

  • The application should be done before the vet treatment is done and paid for.
  • Your pet has to be spayed/neutered.
  • The grant should be specifically requested for non-routine, non-emergency veterinary care.
  • You must be a resident in the US or in the process of becoming one.
  • You will have to show some proof of financial hardship.

Other Important Guidelines

  • Never send over documents that would include sensitive or personal details like your bank account number or social security number unless we say so.
  • Among the acceptable proof of financial hardship are copies of the latest tax return, pay stubs, or recent bank statements. Other proof might be accepted as well, depending on the situation at hand.
  • Before you apply for this particular grant, you will need to have a diagnosis.
  • To reduce complicated paperwork, this grant will be sent to the individual, but only after all of the conditions have been met.
  • The clinic or veterinary practice providing the services will have to be based in the US.

Pre-Application Form

To start your pet financial grant process, just go through the form you’ll find below:

Your home address
Your pet's breed
Your pet's age
Details on your pet's medical issues, veterinary needs, required treatment, and the expected cost of the treatment.
Both the full name and the full address of the veterinary clinic or practice where the diagnosis has been set will have to be added here.
Do you have any other important information to add to make us understand your personal situation better? Keep in mind that you shouldn't include any personal or otherwise private details in this form field.