How to train your pet to make sure it knows and listens to your commands

February 12, 2023

How To Potty Train Your Puppy

Dogs can get used to doing their physiological needs outside at any age, but puppies are easier and faster to train than adult dogs. Puppies are cute enough to make you forget and not mind when they have “accidents”, but an adult dog, especially of a large breed, will do […]
February 8, 2023

Interesting Facts About A Cat’s Brain

If you’ve ever watched your cat lie down and wondered what’s going on in its head, you’re not the only one. Scientists who study animals also want to learn more about the minds of our pets. And although interest in this type of research has increased, we still have a […]
February 6, 2023

How Can You Train Deaf Dogs And Puppies?

Normal puppies hear much better than we do, but some are born deaf or genetically prone to deafness. Dalmatians and Jack Russell Terriers may inherit an ear nerve disorder that causes deafness. Aging dogs often suffer from hearing loss and some become completely deaf, but you usually won’t have to […]
January 31, 2023

Why Does My Cat Keep Scratching The Mirror?

It’s no secret that cats can be funny, which is one of the many reasons we love them so much. Cat’s strange behaviors can entertain us for hours, making us wonder why they do the things they do. One of the questions we ask ourselves is: Why does the cat […]
January 30, 2023

How to leash train your cat

Have you ever seen a cat walk on a leash? Most people who have seen one react with amazement when they see that a cat can be domesticated to the point that it willingly lets itself be tied on a leash and guided by a human companion. Teaching your cat […]
January 11, 2023

How To Stop Your Hamster from Biting?

Even though they are often considered ideal pets for children and are usually nice and affectionate companions, in some situations hamsters can bite. It is rare for a hamster to be aggressive, yet it usually bites only when it is scared. Those tiny teeth may not cause as much damage […]
January 9, 2023

Dogs and Biking; What You Should Consider for A Safe Ride

There are a few things you should keep in mind when riding a bike with your dogs. What would be more beautiful than a relaxing bike ride in nature? Maybe a bike ride with the dog. In this article, I will show you how to get your dog to run […]
December 6, 2022

Why Are Dogs Staring at You?

It’s no fun realizing you’re being watched. It’s even stranger to realize that your dog is looking at you while you brush your teeth, eat breakfast, or spend time reading in bed. While being watched by a dog, it is less uncomfortable than being watched by a person, but it’s […]