Dúi – An Adorable Hmong Dog Called a Cat-Dog Hybrid

Cat Dog Hybrid or Weird Dog

A Hmong dog called Dúi has managed to become a viral social media character due to his adorable antics and weirdly cute smile. But what do we know about this breed and where did it come from?

If you have no idea what a Hmong dog is and this is the first time you have ever heard about this particular dog breed, then you should know that you’re not alone. It was basically an unknown breed up until 2020, when the adorable Hmong dog called Dúi became viral on social media, due to his cat-dog-hybrid looks.

Dúi gained a big fanbase when his adoptive parents, Tuan and Hai Anh Hanoi in Vietnam, shared some pictures of this lovely creature and his lovely antics on websites like Reddit. His overall charming nature and very lovable personality managed to attract a lot of attention in a very short time span.

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Hai Anh also talked about the dog as being a happy-go-lucky creature that loves the attention it gets from people in general and has a great time playing with other dogs. She also said that among the most common question they get about the dog is whether Dúi is actually a hybrid between a dog and a cat and whether he has any cat genes in him. Her answer is that although Dúi looks both like a cat and a dog, this breed has no other characteristics that would make you think that the dog has any small part of kitty in him.

She explained that this dog is actually a combination of a short-legged dog by the name of Dingo and a native dog breed. His unusual looks might also be due to some sort of corgi mix somewhere in his parents’ genes Anh went on to argue. She said she found this pup and bought him from somewhere around the mountain area in Vietnam.

Even after all the explanations, Hai Anh still wasn’t able to convince internet users that the dog isn’t a weird mix with a cat. One Reddit user even went as far as to say that the dog looks like a perfect mix between a Corgi and a Maine Coon cat.

Interested in finding out some things about the Hmong dog? Then the next part of the article will be exactly what you’re looking for. Let’s go into further detail about this unknown, although ancient canine breed, along with a few tips on how to find a dog like this.

What is a Hmong dog?

Cute HmongThe Hmong dog is actually a very old breed, which belonged to the ancient Hmong tribe. This was an ethnic group that occupied areas in Southeast Asia and China. This dog was very popular around the Northern parts of Vietnam.

The Hmong was a great hunting companion and owning one was very well seen by the tribesmen. Experts think that this breed came from the mix between a native dog and a jungle wolf.

The Hmong dog is medium in size, has a high level of intelligence coupled with a naturally muscular and strong body, and features a docked tail. Their personality is considered friendly and very loyal when they are properly socialized and their cute face and squishy appearance make them very lovable.

The Hmong dogs are often used by police in Vietnam as detection and sniffing dogs on border patrol. This is due to their great responsiveness to training and their wits.

Don’t get a Hmong dog if you don’t like active pets because this is a very active breed that will need a lot of movement. They like hunting in the mountains and woods and climbing on all sorts of surfaces. A Hmong dog will have a lifespan that can reach 20 years, especially when properly taken care of.

Are Hmong dogs so rare?

The truth is yes, the Hmong breed is still considered one of the rarest in the world. Most of the time, you won’t be able to find a Hmong dog anywhere outside of the common areas where it is bred and if you do manage to get a pup that is a purebred for sure, you will have to get well over $1,000 out of your pocket to get it.

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