Lisa Shelby

March 25, 2022

Can Goats Eat Mango? Any Risks or Benefits?

Many people enjoy eating mango, as this is a very healthy fruit, packed with nutrients. It is a pretty tasty fruit, regardless of how you choose to eat or cook it. Mangoes are great for people, that’s for sure. But can goats eat mango? The short answer is yes! Goats […]
March 24, 2022

Can Dogs Eat Bananas? What Are The Benefits?

Bananas are the most cultivated tropical fruit in the world and have been a part of people’s diet for thousands of years. Thanks to their content of many beneficial nutrients, we are also tempted to give them to our furry pet, even if just one slice of banana when we […]
March 24, 2022

Can Dogs Eat Fruit Roll-Ups? What are The Risks?

Fruit Roll-Ups are known to have a lot of carbohydrates and sugars and come with basically no nutritional values for people or their pets. If you overfeed your dog with carbohydrates, it might become overweight, lethargic, or might even develop diabetes. In addition, the additives inside Fruit Roll-Ups are also […]
March 24, 2022

250 Funny, Famous and Cute Frog Names

Frogs are small creatures that can be found all around the world and some people like to keep them as pets as well. As long as you build a proper environment you can easily keep some aquatic types of frogs in aquariums at home. Regardless of whether you get yourself […]
March 23, 2022

Can Goats Eat Bamboo? Are There Any Benefits and Risks?

Not just goats, but a lot of animals really like eating Bamboo. It is not only very nutritious and a great source of vitamins for a goat, but a very palatable feed as well. So short answer is yes, goats can eat Bamboo and it presents no dangers to their […]
March 23, 2022

Do Snails Poop? What Will Snail Poop Like?

Snails and slugs are two very similar creatures that belong to the family of Gastropods. These mollusks look very much the same and they are very closely related the only difference being that one has a shell on its body while the other one doesn’t. Most people believe that slugs […]
March 23, 2022

Can Goat Eat Brussels Sprouts? Any Risks or Benefits?

Brussels sprouts are vegetables that grow on a stalk, in clusters. Their size is similar to apples, round and green. Most of the time, Brussels sprouts will be steamed or boiled before being eaten. You can eat them with shredded cheese and bacon bits, or with salt, pepper, and butter. […]
March 22, 2022

Over 600 Funny And Cute Squid Names

I think most people think of those delicious calamari rings every time we think about the word ‘squid’. Or is it just me? Truth be told, some people like to keep live squid as exotic pets, even though they aren’t the most social creatures. Squids aren’t easy to take care […]