Lisa Shelby

May 27, 2022

Can Iguanas Eat Cheese?

The health and longevity of your iguana depend heavily on its diet. This must be respected rigorously to avoid health issues that are sometimes fatal to your reptile. Its digestive system tolerates only certain types of food. The iguana is a vegetarian reptile. Therefore, it must eat only plant-based food […]
May 26, 2022

The Great Dane-Boxer Mix (Boxane) Breed Information

It’s quite the combination between a lovable rogue and a gentle giant. This article should give you an idea as to what you should expect from a mix between a Great Dane and a Boxer. So let’s talk about the resulting dog, its size, behavior, and temperament. What Should You […]
May 25, 2022

American Staffordshire Terrier Mix – General Information

The Amstaff, also known as the American Staffordshire Terrier is a type of dog that was brought to life in England in the 19th century, by mixing the terrier and bulldog breeds. At first, it was bred only as a fighting dog. It started to gain popularity as a watchful […]
May 24, 2022

Red Panda As a Pet – Should You Get One?

Are you interested in getting a red panda as a pet? Well, before getting one, there are a few very important things you should know about the red panda. This article will give you some great pointers on pandas as pets and whether they make for good companions or not. […]
May 24, 2022

Can Ferrets Eat Fruit?

Through their cute looks and hectic nature, ferrets have won the hearts of many animal lovers around the world and are among the ten most popular pets. Those who are thinking of buying this wonderful animal are naturally interested in how to feed the ferret at home. Can ferrets eat […]
May 24, 2022

Differences Between Albino Parakeet (Budgie) and Lutino Budgie

Among the most popular birds to be kept as pets are parakeets, which come in a multitude of powerful, beautiful colors. Out of all the parakeets, there are some that look really different, really unique. So what exactly are the differences between an albino parakeet (called a budgie) and a […]
May 23, 2022

How Many Nipples Do Dogs Have?

A lot of people have asked me how many nipples dogs have. It’s a pretty funny question that some people even have a hard time asking a vet, so this article comes to your help and answers this, along with some other questions about the dog’s nipples. How Many Nipples […]