Lisa Shelby

August 15, 2022

Do Sharks Lay Eggs?

A lot of people get confused and think sharks are mammals because they compare them to dolphins, which are. However, I must highlight that sharks are not mammalian animals; they actually belong to the group of fish. They only have a certain characteristic in common with mammals; that is, they […]
August 15, 2022

Reasons Why a Dog isn’t Eating but Still Acting Normal

There are surely situations when your dog might act normally in any possible way but for some reason or another, he would refuse to eat. When a situation like this arises, you will have to understand that it’s not always something medical that is causing the dog’s lack of interest […]
August 14, 2022

What to Do if a Puppy Has Diarrhea But is Still Playful?

You should always keep an eye on your puppy. It is very important, let’s call it vital, to know for sure that the pup is healthy, but as a pet owner, you might not spot all of the problems of your small pet, especially at his early stages, when he […]
August 13, 2022

Reasons Why Your Dog Doesn’t Seem To Like You Anymore

Did you notice that your dog is suddenly starting to act indifferent and is a lot more distant than he used to be towards you? There are a few reasons that might explain the situation. Your Dog is Stressed by a Big Life Change YOu aren’t the only one affected […]
August 11, 2022

How Much Yogurt to Give a Dog with Diarrhea

If you’re a dog owner, then you’ve surely heard about giving yogurt to dogs as food when they have diarrhea problems. But people often ask themselves: How much yogurt can you actually give to a dog with diarrhea? The safe amount will usually depend on several factors, the most important […]
August 11, 2022

Why Do Cats Like to Play with Toilet Paper?

The cats’ claws and sharp teeth not only make them formidable predators but also make them skilled paper choppers. Many cats love to tear and eat different paper products around their owners’ house, from toilet paper and cardboard to wallpaper and bills. A cat playing with a toilet paper roll […]
August 10, 2022

Home Remedies for Dogs Chocolate Poisoning

Do you believe your dog might have eaten chocolate? Then Don’t waste a breath! It only takes a small amount for the dog to experience some very nasty health issues. Below you will find a few remedies you can use in case of emergency when you are at home and […]
August 10, 2022

Can You Use Human Shampoo on a Dog?

It might happen that you want to give your dog a proper bath but you find yourself without professional dog shampoo at hand. What can you do? Can you actually use human shampoo instead for your dog? You surely know the need to clean your dog immediately after a walk, […]