Lisa Shelby

September 7, 2022

Can Dogs Eat Chunky Peanut Butter?

Although just a taste of chunky peanut butter is pretty much fine as the occasional treat for dogs, there are some things you should consider when giving your dog this type of sweet. Before you give chunky peanut butter to your dog you should read the ingredient label very carefully […]
September 6, 2022

How To Comfort a Dog with Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis is one of those health issues that you will never want a dog to have to deal with. The pancreas is one of the most important organs in the dog’s body and has a lot of vital functions, among which are the production of insulin and other hormones, as […]
September 6, 2022

Can Tarantulas Swim?

The tarantula spider is a large arthropod animal that exotic pet lovers increasingly start taking at home. The real question arises as to why is the tarantula called this way. The name “tarantula” itself is an unfortunate generalization tolerated for many years. There is a real tarantula, a small spider […]
September 5, 2022

Animals That Live in Lakes

There are more than 100.000 species of freshwater animals. Although about 70% of the Earth is covered with water, only 3% of it is freshwater; that is, 0,01% of the planet’s total surface area. Many freshwater lakes were formed during the last ice age. Their deep, quiet waters and dense […]
September 5, 2022

Why Is My Chihuahua Sleeping So Much?

Although you can get a very rewarding and fun experience out of raising a Chihuahua dog, there are some things about this particular breed that you should know about, before starting your journey with this type of pet in your life. There are quite a few things special about a […]
September 3, 2022

Why Is a Pregnant Dog Panting and Breathing Heavily?

If your pregnant dog starts to breathe heavily and you’re wondering what might be causing this, then this article will go over some of the common reasons for heavy breathing and panting in dogs, so you can be sure everything is all right with your dog and there is no […]
September 3, 2022

Are Flamingos Dangerous?

The flamingo is one of the most beautiful birds in the world and also one of the strangest. If you’re lucky enough to see them in person, you will have a beautiful memory of these impressive colorful birds. Flamingos are part of the order Phoenicopteriformes, although some usually include them […]
September 2, 2022

Why is Your Dog or Puppy Dry Heaving?

Dry heaving is actually trying to throw up without anything coming out. Not only people experience dry heaving, but also dogs. Dry heaving is usually a symptom that happens before actual vomiting and is most of the time very scary for dog owners. Below you will find some of the […]