Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal Cream Pies? Any Risks?

Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal Pies

This treat might seem familiar to most people and this is usually because they are thinking of the old treat from the Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme pies brand that was very popular around 1960. The Little Debbie company actually had the Creme Pies as the first-ever treats they launched and it was a huge success. For people, these individually wrapped snacks were some of the yummiest, the creamiest, and the softest sweets they have ever eaten so at some point a lot of people began making these cookies at home.

These treats are great for people, but what about dogs? Can you actually share an oatmeal cream pie with your dog if it begs for a bite?

Can dogs actually eat oatmeal cream pies?

No, dogs shouldn’t be given oatmeal cream pies. This is mostly because oatmeal cream pies are made very lite, but they will usually expand when inside the dog’s stomach.

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Once expanded, they will begin to turn into dark, hard pieces of material, rock-solid, that would be really hard to ingest or eliminate by your dog. The best thing that you can do when your dog has eaten a piece of oatmeal cream pie is to help it vomit the piece before it actually becomes hard inside the stomach.

Can oatmeal cream pies be fatal for a dog?

Yes, oatmeal cream pies, especially ingested in considerable amounts, can and will usually be fatal for a dog. When too much oatmeal cream pie reaches the stomach of a dog, it can get it sick and very constipated. This will make it impossible for it to pass feces.

This will soon cause lethargy and nauseousness for the dog, which would then become severe to the point of death for the animal.

What should you do if your dog eats oatmeal cream pies?

The first thing to do is try to induce vomiting in the pet with the help of one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide per ten pounds of the dog’s weight. So a dog weighing 15 pounds should be given a tablespoon and a half of hydrogen peroxide.

Inducing vomiting will help if you move fast and the oatmeal cream pie is only partially digested and didn’t get a chance to expand in the dog’s stomach.

Take your dog as soon as possible to a vet for an x-ray of its stomach if it has eaten more than one oatmeal cream pie and they have already expanded in its stomach or if inducing vomiting didn’t help eliminate any piece of the pie.

On the x-ray, you will notice a dark spot where the oatmeal cream pies are if they have been in the stomach for some time and are in the process of decomposing.

These oatmeal cream pie pieces will have to be removed surgically by the vet before they can cause any real damage.

What should I feed my dog instead of oatmeal pies?

Oatmeal Pies and DogsDogs should have a balanced diet that won’t affect the normal working of their sensitive stomachs. You can either buy premium dog food or make its food at home using potatoes, carrots, and chicken breast.

You should try to avoid giving your dog human food unless you know for sure that the food you’re giving it is part of what dogs usually eat and it has no spices that would damage its stomach. Never give it treats like oatmeal cream pies or other sweets, especially more than once in a very long while.

Most of the time your dog won’t even like the food that you are eating, so don’t stress over the fact that it begs for a piece.

Human food is harder to ingest than food made especially for dogs and can cause serious complications for the dog’s digestive system.

If you’re not impressed by the way in which your dog would use its puppy eyes to beg for a treat, then you can even stick to its balanced diet and avoid giving it sweets ever.

If you need to find a treat for special occasions, then go for fruits like blueberries, apples, and even bananas. This would be a lot better than any other things that contain sweeteners or preservatives.

Final words

You should never feed your dog oatmeal cream pies. These are very lite and will usually expand inside the stomach of the pet after they are eaten.

As soon as they expand, they will start becoming harder and harder, becoming a dark rock-type material that the dog will have a hard time getting rid of. If you know for sure that your dog has eaten oatmeal cream pies, then try to induce its vomiting, and if that doesn’t work, take it to the vet as soon as possible to prevent any side effects.

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