Why Is My Chihuahua Sleeping So Much?

Why Chihuahuas Sleep So Much

Although you can get a very rewarding and fun experience out of raising a Chihuahua dog, there are some things about this particular breed that you should know about, before starting your journey with this type of pet in your life. There are quite a few things special about a Chihuahua, but one of the least popular ones is the fact that they really like to sleep. This article should answer some questions Chihuahua owners might have about their dogs’ sleeping schedules.

Why Do Chihuahuas Sleep So Much?

Chihuahuas are in no way sedentary. Actually, they are among the more energetic breeds and will be pretty agitated especially while they are small pups, which, of course, requires a lot of sleep when they are worn out due to too much physical activity. It is also very important for the Chihuahua to get the required amount of exercise. As they get older, Chihuahuas tend to need less exercise and will get tired a lot easier, which also means that they will sleep quite a lot as well.

It is considered normal behavior even for Chihuahua puppies

It’s not uncommon for puppies, regardless of their breed, to need more sleep than mature dogs, so you shouldn’t worry if you notice that your Chihuahua pup is wasting entire days sleeping. This might seem counterintuitive, especially considering that when you imagine a pup, regardless of its breed, you will think of an always-playing and full-of-life furball. And this is especially true for the Chihuahua breed. The truth of the matter is that the usual Chihuahua puppy will spend close to 20 hours each day sleeping.

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Your Chihuahua might also be bored

Even though this is rarely the case, from time to time your Chihuahua might want to sleep simply because he is bored. A feeling of comfort and safety can also make the Chihuahua sleep more. As you get used to your dog and his needs, it will be a lot easier for you to understand whether the cause of the need for sleep is boredom or something else. Most of the time, sleep isn’t the normal response of the dog to boredom. Instead, most dogs will resort to chewing furniture or other items or other types of anxious behavior.

Your Chihuahua is suffering from an illness

Sleeping ChihuahuaAs a dog owner, it will be your job to keep an eye on the sleeping habits and patterns of your dog, to try to spot any dramatic changes in his sleeping schedule. If at any point you notice that your dog spends a lot more time sleeping than he used to, then you should consider calling your vet and setting up a consultation, to make sure that your dog isn’t sick. There are quite a few health issues that would make your chihuahua sleepier than normal.

The good part is that just because the dog is sleeping more than usual it doesn’t necessarily mean that this is due to a severe medical condition. In some instances, just changing what or when your dog eats could be enough to notice a change in his sleeping patterns. Of course, there are other more complex medical issues that could also cause the dog to need unusually long sleeping periods, like undiagnosed heart conditions, cancer, or issues related to his thyroid.

How many hours should a Chihuahua sleep in a day?

Before stressing over the long periods of sleep for your Chihuahua, keep in mind that this particular breed is known to be quite the big sleeper. Although not uncommon for Chihuahua to spend even 18 hours sleeping, the average Chi will need around 12 to 14 hours per day to rest. Most Chihuahuas will sleep and wake up considerably more often than most humans will. As long as the sleeping length of your Chihuahua will not surpass 16 hours, you shouldn’t worry about it, as this is normal, healthy, and expected behavior.

Any reason for a Chihuahua to sleep under the covers?

The Chihuahua is the type of dog known as a borrower, which is the most common reason why he will choose to rest hidden under the covers. You might think that he does this for his entertainment, but it’s more about his comfort. Even if the temperature inside your house is well about the average, the dog might still feel the need to hide under the covers for sleep, because that is the place that makes him feel the safest.

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