Why is a Dog Vomiting Yellow Bile and Not Eating

Dog Vomiting Yellow Bile

Is your dog vomiting? Well, this isn’t always a reason to worry. Most of the time, a vomiting episode in your dog isn’t such a reason for concern, especially if it doesn’t happen all that frequently. It might just be because he has eaten too much or has some stomach issues. It might be nothing to worry about, especially if the episode is an isolated one that stops after a short while and you don’t see any changes in the behavior of the pet. But what if the dog is not eating and is vomiting yellow bile? This might be one of the instances that require an immediate visit to the vet.

What exactly is Bile?

Bile is a digestive fluid that although stored in the gallbladder, is produced in the liver. It is used as a help in the digestion process and is released in the small intestine when needed. It has its vital participation in the process of food breakdown and is also very helpful in vitamin and fat absorption in the small intestine. Or, an even simpler explanation is that this is an acid that will turn the food the pet eats into the nutrients needed by the body.

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You will know almost for sure that the vomiting of your dog is actually bile if it comes out either foamy or frothy and has a brown/yellowish color. It will also be quite a hard thing to clean up because it has a really unusual stomach acid smell.

Why is Your Dog Vomiting Yellow Bile?

It’s not unusual for smaller amounts of bile to stay inside the stomach of the pet for a while. When the stomach of the pet is empty on the other hand, if there’s nothing that the body can break down, the bile will be expelled through vomiting.

The vomiting of yellow bile by your dog is actually a message. It basically means that your dog’s body doesn’t like the current feeding schedule and you might need to adjust it. Most dogs that have a habit of vomiting yellow bile will usually spend a lot of time alone in the house, with their owners going to work all day. Most owners that leave for the whole day will just leave a big bowl of food for the dog in the morning and think that it will be enough until they come back.

If this describes you to a T, keep in mind that dogs getting a full bowl in the morning will usually consume all of the food they are given at once. And since they will eat everything right around the morning, they will have their stomachs empty for the rest of the day.

But vomiting can also happen if your dog ingests something that he shouldn’t have. Vomiting can also be a symptom that points toward medication overdose, although this is rarely the case, especially if you give your dog medication only based on the vet’s prescription.

The Best Home Solutions to Vomiting Yellow Bile

Dog Vomiting YellowThere are quite some home remedies you can try when your dog is vomiting yellow bile. The best way to go about this is to portion the dog’s food so that he eats correctly throughout the day. The easiest way to make sure that the portions are in the correct amounts is to talk to your vet because this will depend on factors like the weight of the dog and his age.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, then the food might not be the best one for your dog and you should go for one of higher quality. You can even give fresh meat a try instead of the dry dog food your pet is probably tired of. Canned dog food is also an option if you want to try a wet diet.

Is your real issue time? Keep in mind that you only need to feed your dog twice per day to keep him healthy. This means that you can give him half of his daily diet when you leave for work and the other half when you come back.

What if My Dog is Still Vomiting Yellow Bile?

At some point, it might be time to visit your vet for a proper diagnosis and treatment considering that the regurgitation could also be a symptom of pancreas or liver issues. Don’t wait too long, as the loss of appetite can easily turn into malnutrition.

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