Facts About the Miniature Pug

Miniature Pug Facts

Pugs are among the favorite breeds for breeders and dog lovers especially due to their very friendly and loving nature. Many people consider the existence of the mini pug a myth, although it is a dog classified under toy dog breeds. Read this article to find a lot more about the different variations of the pug dog.

There are quite a few different types of miniature dogs out there, most of them perfect for apartment living or for people living in limited space conditions. Due to their very small size, these breeds will have no issues living in smaller places, requiring a lot less space to move in. The mini pug is no different, being great for people with an apartment lifestyle. The miniature dogs will usually have a very strong personality, despite their small body structure that makes people treat them as toy dogs.

Its Origin

The actual origin of the pug dogs isn’t all that clear. There are some records though, that talk about this breed existing since 400 BC. This breed of dogs was very important for Buddhist monks, being having an Oriental origin. The pug was also owned by some Chinese emperors because it was considered one of the best companion dogs. Due to the attention they got from royalty, they were soon classified as toy dogs, which meant their owners had to devote them a lot more care. This breed was brought to the US in the 1800s. The pug breed was also registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club) in the year 1885. This also brought it a boost in popularity. They were soon made stars in movies and commercials, leading to a skyrocket in demand.

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General Facts About Miniature Pugs

Miniature Pugs for SaleThe pug dog breed isn’t a large one, of course. It has very short legs, a tiny body, and a flat muzzle, earning names as toy pug, miniature pug, mini pug, or teacup pug. Although the miniature pug isn’t seen as a separate breed by the AKC, this bloodline is real. The dog was actually created by crossing a pug with a chihuahua. You will notice that these dogs are considerably smaller than the original pugs. When you mix a chihuahua with a pug, the resulting pup will look more like a pug, which is why it will be considered a miniature pug.

This tiny type of pug will have a somewhat longer snout and will only weigh about 3 pounds. Its general health will depend on the health and genes of its parents. Considering that the chihuahua is among the smallest breeds in the world, the female will most likely have to go through a cesarean section when giving birth. There have been instances though when chihuahuas were able to give birth naturally and stay healthy, although I would advise you not to risk it if you have a pregnant female chihuahua.

Temperament and Care

If you own a pug dog, you will notice it is almost like your shadow, always following you around. They will have characteristics that make them very similar to purebred pug dogs. A mini pug will usually be sturdy, caring, loving, and obedient in nature. They will always be friendly with people around them and will usually have no problem getting along with the family that adopts them. Proper care will ensure that your miniature pug will stay healthy and happy throughout its life.

Keep in mind that these tiny pets will require a lot more care and attention. You will have to handle them with care because they are very delicate. As soon as you get the mini pug inside your home, your first concern should be its safety. Minor accidents can cause them more harm as their bloodline is very fragile. Due to its size, it is also more vulnerable to cold weather which can cause it some really severe health issues.

This breed of dog is great for the urban lifestyle and will adapt easily to city life. One thing that you should keep in mind is that improper care might bring out all the negative traits that the dog might have, creating a very weak bond between the dog and you as an owner.

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