Can Dogs Eat Kettle Corn? What Are The Risks?

Can Dogs Eat Kettle Corn

Kettle corn is a great treat for humans. It is really tasty and this might make you want to give some to your dog as well, especially if they use those puppy eyes to beg.

But can dogs actually eat kettle corn?

The short answer is that no, dogs cannot eat and should not be fed kettle corn. This is mainly because kettle corn has more sodium and calories than plain air-popped corn, which can lead to diarrhea and intense abdominal pain in dogs and other animals as well.

The excessive amounts of sodium will usually make the pet retain unnecessary water, which in time will lead to abnormal heart functions that can even reach life-threatening levels.

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Most types of popcorn will also have very high amounts of sugar, which represents in itself a health risk for the pet. A meal that has too much sugar can create an imbalance of bacterial flora inside the dog’s intestines. It can also make it hyperactive, providing an unneeded boost in energy.

Can dogs eat kettle corn chips?

Caramel Kettle CornYou should try to keep your dog away from any salty treats, including those made from corn. If you know your dog to be a food stealer, then keep an eye on it and keep these foods hidden from its reach. Dogs that have eaten pretzels, chips, or other salty treats in the past, will like to eat plain popcorn as well.

In general, dogs won’t like to eat kettle corn chips as treats, because they contain too much salt for them to handle. Although the chips contain around the same amount of salt as plain popcorn, which shouldn’t hurt its health directly, you should try to limit the actual amount of chips that the dog has access to.

Can dogs eat small amounts of kettle corn?

Yes, your dog can eat small amounts of plain kettle corn without any health risks. However, if too many are ingested, they can lead to digestive issues, diarrhea, or abdominal pain. The sugar used to make the kettle corn sweet, just like most sugar used in recipes, can cause issues like loose stools or upset stomach in your dog.

Normal air-popped corn will always be better than kettle corn for your dog, but when you don’t have a choice, at least limit the consumed amount.

Can dogs eat caramel kettle corn?

No, dogs shouldn’t eat caramel kettle corn. In fact, if you know that your dog will do anything to get to your treats, then you should hide the kettle corn somewhere where the dog can’t reach it. Even though caramel comes in small foil packages to prevent children from opening it, your dog might The small foil packages that caramel comes in are made to keep children from opening them and getting into trouble. But a dog might use its teeth and claws and open that package, so make sure you properly hide it.


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