Reasons Why a Dog isn’t Eating but Still Acting Normal

Dog Won't Eat

There are surely situations when your dog might act normally in any possible way but for some reason or another, he would refuse to eat. When a situation like this arises, you will have to understand that it’s not always something medical that is causing the dog’s lack of interest in food, and there are a few different reasons why this could happen. Below you will find the three most common reasons why your dog would refuse food, while still acting normal.

Your Dog is Upset due to a Change in Routine

Your dog might start to refuse food each time he notices a sudden change in the meals he receives or in the time of the meals. Dogs will usually dislike any kind of change in their routine because they strive for consistency. A dog that loves its routine will be thrown off completely by even the smallest change. The pet might even refuse to eat for a few days until he is able to build his confidence levels back up. Whenever you’re looking to change the routine of your pet, try to avoid doing this all of a sudden, and introduce changes as slowly as possible.

Your Dog Might be Becoming a Picky Eater

Dogs might at some point want to eat something new, being bored of what you’ve been feeding them. This means that they are just becoming a little pickier when it comes to their diet. When your dog doesn’t seem to be ill, is acting completely normal, but is refusing to eat what you’re giving him, it might mean that he simply doesn’t like the ingredients in his food. It is also possible that one of the ingredients added to the food is not something your dog likes to eat. Dogs are just like people in this regard. They might change their habits over time and might become pickier when it comes to their food.

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Your Dog Has Stomach Problems

A lot of stomach issues can actually be to blame when a dog refuses to eat. The root of the problem might come from temporary digestion issues, internal parasites, or even gastrointestinal diseases. The body of the pet might try to recover from its stomach issues by reducing the intake of food it gets. Some digestive issues might be temporary. One example is eating too fast earlier in the day, which would cause nausea or an upset stomach later on. You shouldn’t try to fix these issues yourself if they last for more than a day or two. Go to the vet instead, for a proper consultation, to find out the exact issue you’re dealing with.

Ways to Stimulate Your Dog’s Appetite

Dog Won't Eat Food From BowlIf you want to stimulate the pet’s appetite, then there are a few things you could try. Before trying anything else, though, you should head to your vet for a checkup, to rule out any underlying medical problems. Your vet can also prescribe a certain diet that would give your dog all the needed nutrients.

If your dog eats mostly dry dog food, then try to get some canned dog food from the store and have him try it. To get a better idea of what he likes and doesn’t like, make sure you get several different brands and flavors. It can also be helpful to just get a full rotisserie chicken and give it to your pet, although you should remove the bones and skin from the chicken before giving it to your dog because these parts are dangerous.

Try to also change the place where you feed your dog, and even the bowls he eats from. Also, try to set a schedule for feeding times. To help stimulate the dog’s appetite, try to walk him a little before every meal. You can also try to stimulate your dog’s desire to eat by putting the food in a toy he likes to play with. This would surely make eating a lot more enjoyable.

Your veterinarian can also tell you if there are any medical interventions or medications that could open up your dog’s desire to eat again. If your dog is suffering from nausea, meclizine, which is an antihistamine, could surely help.

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