Does My Dog Know I Rescued Him?

Dog Knows It Has Been Rescued

Rescuing a dog is a hard decision that would come with a lot of responsibilities, but it might also be one of the proudest decisions you have ever made. Of course, getting a new pet is always a great addition to the family, but bringing home a rescue dog will make you feel a lot better.  While this will be a memorable experience for you, it will come to a point when you ask yourself whether your dog actually knows that you rescued him.

Experts say that the dog doesn’t really understand the concept of rescue, but will understand that the new owner is treating them right. They will make a connection between you and feeling safe and happy, a feeling that will be noticeable on their face whenever they see you.

This is one of the reasons why it would give you a special feeling of joy when you get a rescue dog.

Most of the time, even if he doesn’t understand the concept of rescue, the dog will understand that his living situation has greatly improved. This will make him understand that you becoming a part of his life has made it considerably better than when you were not around. This is one of the most important reasons why they will place you high on their preference list.

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This means that although the dog won’t have a clear understanding of what you did for him, he will understand and appreciate your role in his life. This will be enough to create a bond that is usually more powerful than one made between a bought dog and its owner.

Signs of a Happy Rescue Dog

1. Playful Interactions

Subtle interactions between you and your dog will always be more important than everything else. These are the ones that would give you a clear idea of how your dog sees you.

Whenever you interact with your rescue dog, it will usually be playful, but well-behaved.
Most of the time, especially with more anxious dogs, you will be the only one that will see their fun side. This means him being playful, running, and even jumping on you.

This playfulness will mean that they are happy around you, but it also shows that your dog considers you his best friend.

2. Staying Close to You

A common sign that experts say will make you understand that your dog is really grateful for what you do for him is him always staying close to you. You can never leave a room without the dog happily following?

This means that the dog you rescued considers you an important part of its life and wants to be in your presence all day long. They get a feeling of safety around you and will feel vulnerable when you leave them alone.
There aren’t a lot of things to make rescue dogs feel safe, so they will stay as close as possible to the creature that has given them the best treatment.

It will essentially mean that you managed to gain their trust and this along is something you should be proud of enough.

A dog will only follow someone that they are loyal to, so this is another plus for you as their owner.

3. Non-Stop Wagging of Tail

Rescue Dog
A dog waiting to be rescued

This is often the first difference you are going to notice.

The rescue doing is going to be in love with you and everything associated with your presence. This is going to be seen through the relief that will pour over them as soon as they are walking freely.

This tends to be seen with a wagging tail.

Sometimes, a dog will have its tail curled underneath out of anxiety and fear. When your dog starts opening up, you will realize they understand you are a positive part of their life. This often means they know you are their rescuer.

It is a powerful relationship to have and it is one that is quite possible with a rescue dog in your life.

Final Thoughts

So does your dog understand that you rescued him? Having gone through a lot of bad experiences, a rescue dog will understand that his life has improved considerably since you adopted him, even though he won’t be able to grasp the whole idea of rescue. But why would it matter if he understands the whole situation? It should be enough that you did a good thing and that an animal feels comfortable and safe around you.

Your dog will do his best to show you how important you are to him, especially considering that dogs are very straightforward animals and will have a really hard time hiding any kinds of emotions.

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