Do Irish Wolfhounds Shed?

Irish Wolfhound Shedding

The dog’s shedding is one of the biggest complaints of the owners. So, lately, more and more people, who want to adopt or buy a dog, look for a breed that sheds lightly or even not at all.

If you want to adopt or buy a puppy, you will need to take into account some important aspects such as the size of the puppy, the daily need for exercise, the maintenance of the fur, and whether the breed is prone to genetic health problems.

So will the Irish Wolfhound shed?

The Irish Wolfhound is constantly and consistently shedding throughout the year. The continuous shedding is due to its double coat that insulates its body and adjusts its body temperature.

They have a short coat, easy to maintain, with straight hair on the outside and a downy hair undercoat, which doesn’t shed that much. The biggest advantage is that after a bath or a swim the Irish Wolfhound will dry quickly.

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Irish Wolfhound puppies, in most cases, will shed much more as they go through the phase in which they lose both coats, and sometimes you can see really large bald patches on them. This can happen up until their first birthday, after which they will grow new adult coats and undercoats.

The fur around the eyes is long. One of the qualities of this breed is that whether your dog’s coat is shorter or longer, it does not affect the animal. The coat of the Irish Wolfhound may have shades of gray, reddish, black, white, or gold.

Are Irish Wolfhounds hypoallergenic?

Dogs that do not shed are perfect for allergic people and are considered hypoallergenic. However, an allergic person will first need to make sure that they are allergic to animal fur and not to saliva or dead skin particles. Otherwise, the allergy can get worse.

The Irish Wolfhound has an undercoat and doesn’t shed based on the season. Even though many consider that a non-shedding dog is not hypoallergenic, they can still cause allergic reactions because they produce dander (meaning tiny scales on their skin to which many people are allergic).

Do Irish Wolfhounds make good pets?

Intelligent and gentle, the Irish Wolfhound has a strong desire to be a good companion to the family. When it is with its family, the dog is calm, dignified, and obedient. The animal is sensitive and needs training that contains positive methods such as rewards or treats. Harsh methods or physical punishments will silence the dog.

Despite its size, the Irish Wolfhound is a home dog. It loves to be with people and is quite calm. The dog is suitable for houses where there are no stairs, as their descent could destroy their joints.

Give your dog access to a well-fenced yard to prevent the activation of your dog’s hunting instinct. An electric fence will not be enough to stop the puppy, as its instinct will be much stronger than its fear of a passing shock.

The Irish Wolfhound adult needs 20 minutes of play each day. It will also enjoy long walks. Avoid exercising one hour before a meal and two hours after a meal, as this increases the risk of bloating.

How to stop Irish Wolfhounds from shedding?

Irish Wolfhound FurYou can reduce the problem of shedding by combing your dog’s coat weekly to keep it healthy. It should not need more than one or two baths a year unless it is dirty.

On the other hand, to avoid its dander getting all over your house you can bath it more often with a medicated shampoo and brush it daily to remove the scales.

During springtime, some of them may shed a little more, but you can take them out for long walks and exercise, so they will be exhausted and won’t spend so much time scratching themselves.

To give the fur a pleasant appearance for competitions or any other occasion, clean your dog’s hair from the ears by pulling it out with your fingers or by cutting it just like that in the limbs or neck area. Do not remove too much fur, as you will ruin the Irish Wolfhounds’ typical look.

To trim the fur in the abdominal and tail area, you should know that you will need a little dexterity, but the appearance of the dog will be clean and neat.

Get it used to being brushed and examined from a young age. Look at its sensitive paws and inside its mouth. Turn brushing into a positive rewarding experience and leave your veterinarian visits for the moment when it becomes an adult.

When you notice some bright, smiling eyes, it means they belong to an Irish Wolfhound. It has a noble and imposing appearance, but its eyes give it a sweet look and a gentle expression.

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