Why Do Animals Gravitate To Me? What Makes Pets Love Some People

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Are you the kind of individual that always seems to be followed by an animal or another? When it comes to animal behavior, some people might notice weird things. Some might spot cats, dogs, or any other types of animals that get very close to them for no apparent reason. This is not a common occurrence, as most animals have instincts that protect them from growing to strangers, but for those that do seem to draw all kinds of animals to them, it might be a pretty enjoyable experience.

So why would some animals be more attracted to you than to other people?

Some notable reasons why animals might come towards you, in general, are you looking familiar, your positive vibe, or your scent. There are a lot of animals that would be drawn by any of these factors, and these include rabbits, cats, dogs, and some other animals, both domestic and exotic.

Animals have a pretty basic way of figuring out who is a friend and who is an enemy and it usually has something to do with their basic instincts.

You will have a clearer idea as to why would animals gravitate to you more than to other people if you pay close attention to what they would do when they get close. Do they just want to sit in your lap and be petted? Do they smell you intensively? Are they begging for food?

This will usually give you a pretty pertinent idea as to what the animal is thinking about when coming towards you.

This experience will make a lot of people feel special. If you like to have animals around you, then it would be great to pay close attention to what you’re doing to draw them to you and keep doing it when you see any creatures close by.

The next part of the article will give you an even better idea as to why would an animal want to come close to you.

Reasons Why Animals Gravitate To You

1. Pleasant Scent

It’s not unusual for animals to find your scent either pleasant or intriguing, making them curious enough to come close to you.

If this is the case, you will usually notice them coming close enough that they can sniff your feet or other parts of your body. You might even notice them sticking their nose high in the air and sniffing before they come to you.

If the scent is one that they enjoy, they will naturally feel the desire to come as close to you as possible. This reaction is a natural one, especially for pets that are already used to people like dogs or cats.

Keep in mind that most animals will pick up smells a lot easier than humans and if your scent is intriguing enough, it might just catch their attention. It’s not always related to your perfume. Sometimes it might just be that you have food on you or you smell like something they like to eat.

You will have to give some thought to what smell actually caused them to move closer because this isn’t always a clear-cut answer.

2. Food Source

Although a sinister thought, you have to realize that for some animals you might look like a great snack.

A lot of carnivore animals will be out on a hunt for food most of the day and will eat a lot of things just to survive. This is a natural part of the wildlife and especially when it comes to bigger animals, the reason behind why they would get close to you isn’t always about a feeling of love and affection.

A great idea would be to not carry food with you in places where big animals might attack because this is the easiest way to have predators give you an unwanted hug.

You being a source of food won’t mean that animals will only want to eat you. Some smaller creatures might just be attracted to you because you constantly feed them. This is true in the case of cats, dogs, but also birds.

They will start to get used to you feeding them so they will come back to you whenever they are hungry again. They are smart enough to understand that this is the easiest place for them to get food.

3. General Comfort

Animals are Drawn to YouA lot of animals will stay close to places and creatures that bring them a feeling of comfort and peace.

People that like to pet animals that they pass close to are included in this category, of course. It’s not uncommon for a dog that you pet more than once, to start looking for you when it needs some love. You will soon be associated with a feeling of happiness and coziness.

Dogs are some of the animals that will get used to you and your scent as well. They will be easier to train when they start to like you.

Being nice to animals will help you win their hearts very easily.

This is just as valid as animals starting to see you as a threat if you treat them badly.

Related Questions

1. Why Do Animals Get Along With Humans?

Animals will usually start to enjoy spending time close to people whom they consider a source of food and comfort. This will usually be seen in the case of domesticable pets like cats or dogs and will be a little more unusual in the case of wild or exotic animals.

2. Can Animals Sense Good Energy?

Yes, most animals can sense good and bad energy. This is usually linked to their ability to notice small details and changes in body language and posture in humans. Dogs as well as cats are known for their ability to pick up these subtle vibes.

Final Thoughts

Most of the time animals will come toward you if they think they can get some free food for you, but this isn’t always the case. They might also consider you a great source of comfort or they will pick up on a scent they really like.

In the end, it might just come down to you being a nice person, although each situation is unique.

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