What Does It Mean When A Bird Poops On You?

Pooped by a Bird

Some people believe that birds have this mythical aura around them. In some cultures, they are even portrayed as having magical qualities. But how will this actually reflect on their pooping on you? What could it mean when a bird will poop on you?

Most people say that this occurrence might bring you luck, but is that true? Birds are considered amazing creatures, especially for their ability to fly. Each culture has different meanings for birds and what they might symbolize.

If you’d ever try to dig around the superstitions that try to find a meaning to birds and their connection to humans, then you’ll actually find thousands of stories all around the world. Even so, we found one that might rise higher than most others, that will give you a possible meaning for a bird pooping on you.

So what does it actually mean if a bird poops on you? As stated above, a lot of people consider that when a bird poops on you, it will bring luck, or something good is bound to happen to you.

Seeing that there is no mystical source to back up this claim, no detailed explanation, and no evidence to actually support this general opinion, there are a lot of people that would die on the hill of countering this claim.

So Can You Consider a Bird Pooping On You A Sign of Good Luck?

It’s not just that birds, in general, symbolize a lot of things all around the world, but seeing that there are a lot of different types of birds, different species will symbolize different things.

For example, as most people around the world still believe that birds are heralds of bad luck, some see them as a messenger of peace, and some think that bird poop on your clothes is actually a sign of what is to come. Russia, where most people consider that a bird pooping on you is a clear sign of some kind of a new achievement that is bound to come your way.

5 Bird Species That Are Seen As Bringing Good Luck With Their Poop


If you have been pooped on by a hummingbird, this means in some cultures that zeal, love, and happiness are right around the corner and that you will be able to overcome whatever obstacle life throws at you, no matter how hard it might seem.


You can see these birds as a sign of fidelity and new opportunities. Usually, when you are pooped by a stork, it might be a sign of family expansions or good luck.

Pet Birds

As most pet bird owners already know, it’s pretty much impossible for your bird not to poop on either your hand, your head, or your shoulder, especially if you take it out of its cage from time to time. Well, don’t worry; it usually is a sign of blessings and good luck when your own pet bird poops on you.


Robin birds will usually poop on you as a sign of new opportunities and happiness, some people say.

Doves or Pigeons

A pair of any of these two species of birds will almost immediately make you think of good news, love, and good luck. When you get pooped by either a pigeon or a dove, it will be a sign of a romantic relationship bound to happen or it might mean that your current relationship will be more fruitful and love-filled.

Where Did The Meaning For When A Bird Poops On You Came From?

Bird Poop Color and SmellIf you’re asking yourself what does it mean when a bird will shit on you, you might also ask yourself where did this myth actually come from. Well for one, for a long time it has been believed that any animal feces are a sign of good luck.

You might already know that it is said that stepping on or seeing feces brings luck. Well, on the same idea, imagine having luck falling right from the sky and directly on you. Even if you believe this myth, try to keep in mind how disgusting it might be to be pooped on, especially when dressed nicely.

This isn’t the only reason why some people believe that a bird that poops on you is a sign of luck. Below you will find three more convincing reasons for the same hypothesis.

1. What Are The Real Chances Of Having Bird Poop Land on You?

Although memorable, it happens pretty rarely to get pooped on by birds. With a sky so big, the chances of this occurrence are pretty slim. If you get pooped on by a bird right when you’re fighting for a big achievement at work or struggling with an important contract, then it might mean that success is closer than you think.

2. The Symbolism Behind Birds

  • A long time ago, before the sudden boom of technology, people used birds to send and receive messages from one another.
  • Birds are also a show of freedom because they aren’t tied to the earth and can fly freely.
  • Some cultures also have stories of birds being spiritual guardians reincarnated, which taken a step forward, means that if you notice a bird following you, it might mean that it tries to protect you.
  • Although most of the time people won’t provide birds with food and most people don’t know where birds find their needed food, it’s without a doubt that these creatures eat plenty daily. This leads a lot of people to believe that these birds are closer to something spiritual than an actual physical creature.
  • Most people, throughout their life, will at some point or another have that one fantasy where they just spread a big set of wings and simply fly away. This is why, when we see a bird flying, our minds fly immediately at the feeling of liberty.

All of these, when combined, will have people think that birds are a sign of luck and freedom.

Don’t see bird poop as an inconvenience, but rather a positive event bound to happen

Related Questions

Does Bird Poop Stain Clothes? 

Although bird poop does stain, it isn’t a stain hard to remove. It should be comforting, especially if you’ve just been pooped by a bird. If you’re on your way to school, or a friend, or a restaurant and you get pooped on, all you have to do is clean it with a piece of paper or, even better, rinse with a wet piece of cloth.

Does Bird Poop Stink?

Yes, although birds are fragile creatures, their poop stinks just like most creatures on the planet. The healthier the bird the less its poop should stick, but depending on their diet, this might differ. If you get pooped on by a smaller bird that is healthy enough, it might pass unnoticed until someone says something, because you won’t be hit by any hard smells.

 What Colour Is Bird Poop?

Depending on what they eat, birds will have different colored poops. When talking about pet birds you keep in the cage, you will notice that their poop is either green or brown. Most poops that come from birds will have white patches on them and this is because birds do not urinate, but eliminate the liquid when they’re pooping.

Conclusion – What will it mean if a bird poops on you?

When in public or between friends, having a bird poop on you can be quite an embarrassing occurrence. You can counter the bad feelings around this event by taking it as a sign of future luck in love, family, or business.

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