The Perfect Ways to Cook Chicken for Your Dog

Cooked Chicken for Dogs

A diet based mostly on chicken can be very beneficial to dogs with sensitive digestive systems, dental issues, or any other special dietary needs. Chicken is a great source of glucosamine, omega 6, and lean protein. If you’re feeding your dog a human-grade diet of fresh chicken meat his bones will get healthier, his skin more hydrated, and his coat will become a lot shinier. YOu might be able to find quite a few dog foods with chicken as their main ingredient, but of course, nothing is as tasty as some homemade, fresh, dog food.

While this is an undeniable truth, the way in which you prepare the food can make or break its taste. So how should you prepare fresh chicken the proper way for your dog and where should you start to make sure it will be perfect? Let’s go over the best ways in which you can cook chicken for a dog to make sure the taste is spot on and the foods keeps most of its nutritional benefits.

Important things you should know when feeding your dog chicken

There are some risks related to chicken that you should know about, even though it has a reputation of being a mild food:

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  • Chicken breast is the best for your dog. This is due to it being healthier and very low on fat compared to other parts. Foods that contain too much fat can lead to your dog developing pancreatitis.
  • Bones should be completely removed before giving chicken to your dog. Although there is no cartoon portraying a dog without chewing on a bone, these are in fact a choking hazard and even if they do get past your mouth, they will then become a puncture hazard for your pup’s intestines and stomach.
  • Chicken holds third place when it comes to allergic reactions from food for dogs. You should completely remove this ingredient from foods and get in touch with a vet as soon as possible if you believe that your dog is allergic to chicken.
  • Go for plain chicken for your pet. Try to stay away from garlic, onions, and any type of seasoning when cooking chicken for your dog.
  • Try to avoid bacterial infections like salmonella. You do this by cooking meat properly and thoroughly before giving it to the pet.

Chicken boiling steps when cooked for dogs

Although you might not like it, dogs will surely love plain boiled chicken. The palate of a dog will prefer natural flavors of chicken over seasoned meals and truth be told, their stomachs will have a really hard time digesting any type of seasoning and other powerful ingredients. Below you will find the steps necessary to create the perfect dish for your pup, without putting in too much work:

  • First off, put the chicken breasts with water in a medium-sized pot.
  • Then cover the pot with a lid and give the water a boil.
  • The chicken should be boiled for about 12 minutes or until completely cooked, whichever comes first, on high heat.
  • To avoid burns, let the chicken cool off and shred it into smaller pieces.
  • Dong give it to your dog in one go. Instead, feed the pet with just a small portion. You can store any leftovers for the next four days.

Some tips for dogs with sensitive stomachs

Boil Chicken For DogsFor dogs known to suffer from any stomach issues like upset stomachs, a very popular recipe is chicken and rice. All you have to do for this recipe is to prepare white rice without adding any type of seasoning and then mix it with the boiled chicken cooked as explained above. This should calm your dog’s upset stomach.

You should also know that white rice is easier to digest for dogs than brown rice, so when there’s a choice, always go for the white rice. Another important thing is to remove any garlic or onions from the equation. Although enjoyed by people, these plants are considered toxic for dogs and shouldn’t be part of their foods in any form, including powdered, fried, cooked, or raw.

Other possible ingredients

To add some taste and color to a dog’s diet and make his meals more nutritious and filling, you can always add some additional ingredients. Some of them are:

  • Vitamin supplements: For an immediate boost in the nutritional values of the food, you can always sprinkle powdered dog vitamins on his means.
  • Dog food: To give the meal a more familiar taste, you can mix the bland fresh chicken with dry or wet food.
  • Cooked veggies: You can also add some fiber to the dog’s diet with some broccoli, carrots, or green beans. Keep in mind that although healthy, vegetables shouldn’t make up more than 10% of the dog’s diet, to avoid any digestive problems.
  • Canned pumpkin: Another great source of vitamins and especially vitamin A, the pumpkin will also help with digestion.
  • Plain yogurt: Use it to boost your dog’s protein and calcium intake.

Other cooking methods

You can still get creative when it comes to the food you’re cooking for your dog. Can also consider baking chicken for your dog if you want to give it this type of meat but are tired of always boiling it plain. All you have to do for this is to put the chicken in a container safe for oven cooking, add a little oil so that it doesn’t stick, and then just cook the meat as thoroughly as possible for 25 minutes at 400º F.

How often should a dog eat chicken?

Chicken breasts are very beneficial for any dog that needs a boost of protein in a balanced diet. But this chicken should also be free of harmful ingredients, hormones, and additives. Although this food is pretty healthy, you will have to limit the consumption of chicken by your dog to a maximum of two times per week, especially if you don’t want it to start rejecting this particular type of meat.

Most dogs will love eating chicken. This healthy source of protein is great when you want to give your dog a special treat. The food bowl will almost always get empty if you fill it with chicken breast, a few veggies, and white rice.

Keep in mind that although healthy, you should always talk to your vet before making a drastic change to a dog’s diet, especially if you know the pet has a sensitive stomach.


YOu will always make your dog very happy when you’ll choose to give it cooked chicken instead of dry dog food. This meal will be not only delicious but also very nutritious and you’ll surely earn a lot of points in the eyes of your pet.

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