Teddy Bear Hamsters and their Lifespan and Life Cycle

Teddy Bear Hamster Lifespan

Teddy Bear Hamsters, like most other hamsters, belong to the rodent family. Hamsters are very popular not just as pets, but also as research animals. The article below will tell you all there is to know about the life cycle of this type of hamster.

Teddy Bear hamsters are most popular for their fur, which is velvety in color, and are a type of Syrian hamsters. They have a lot of names like the fancy hamsters, angora hamsters, or even long-haired hamsters. They belong to the Cricetinae subfamily of hamsters. They are very small in size and are usually covered by thick fluffy fur. These features, along with some other characteristics, have made these hamsters very popular for pet lovers.

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These angora hamsters will usually reach a height of just under five inches. Males of this species will get to reproductive maturity very early compared to females. This isn’t the only way in which males and females are different. In fact, they will also differ when it comes to their fur’s density, length, and texture. As I said before, the coat is what differentiates the angora hamsters from any other type and is what will attract most future owners. They can have coats in all kinds of colors, from the more popular reddish-gold to the less known gold. Their fur will grow to around two inches in length. The Teddy Bear hamsters will fight each other when placed in the same cage and will prefer to have a solitary life. When they aren’t handled properly, they will usually nip.

Hamster Lifespan

The lifespan of a hamster can be influenced by a lot of unfortunate accidents throughout its life, especially due to its small size. If everything goes well, you should expect your average hamster to live up to three years. Let’s go into a little more detail about their life cycle.

The Breeding Phase

Pet Teddy Bear HamsterAs I already said, it will take females a little longer to reach maturity than males. It will take around four weeks from its birth to reach reproductive maturity. The average female hamster will reach the oestrus stage every four weeks. To attract males, during the mating period the female will usually release a white mucus and a pungent odor. These two loving hamsters will only like each other until after mating. After that, you should really separate them one from another because they will usually start to fight again.

Gestation Period

The Teddy Bear hamster actually has the shortest gestation period, lasting only a maximum of 17 days. You will notice that the female leaves some blood a few days before the delivery of the babies. The usual litter will have 5 to 10 pups. They are pink and are completely furless.

Their Temperament

The babies should be kept away from the mother right after birth. This is because hamsters in general will usually attack their pups. If you mishandle the pups or disturb their mother, she might refuse to nurture them.

Hamster Care Suggestions

Don’t expect the angora hamsters to have a long lifespan. If you do your best to nurture them and give them only the best care, they will live a life of a maximum of 5 years. One of the most important things you will have to do for your pet will be grooming.

Teddy Bear hamsters have dense fur, even though they are very small. Without proper cleaning and brushing this long fur can either get tangled or put the pet at risk of infections. These animals are very prone to developing all kinds of health issues, which means that the owner can take every measure to prevent them from developing infections. Although they will do their best to clean their fur on their own, they won’t be able to trim it as well. So, without your help, the length of the hair will get out of control. This creature is solitary, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t active. It will need a decent amount of space to get the needed exercise and trim its nails. A healthy life will also depend on the diet, which should be balanced and fresh.

They are great pets and are pretty easy to own. Keep in mind that you will have to learn how to handle them because the Teddy Bear Hamsters aren’t as docile as you’d expect and they might bite you.

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