How to Groom a Toy Poodle Teddy Bear Cut

Toy Poodle Teddy Bear Cut

Dog owners usually know that owning a poodle also means you’ll have a very hard time grooming it. Although they might have a hypoallergenic coat and they don’t even shed that much, they will still need regular trimming and brushing. When getting a poodle, owners will have to go for one of the many types of haircuts that go great with this breed. This article will go over what I consider to be the most adorable of the trims, at least for toy and miniature poodles, which is the teddy bear cut.

How is the Teddy Bear Cut Done on a Dog?

This is a cut that would go great with thick, wooly, and long coats. It will create a very tidy-looking coat for your cute toy poodle. The next part of the article will go into detail about the necessary steps to perform the popular toy poodle teddy bear cut.

Get All the Materials You Will Need

The first thing you should do is prepare everything you’ll need to do this cut. These items are:

  • Grooming Table – This isn’t really a must because you can always trim your poodle even if you don’t have this table, but it will sure help make your job easier. As long as you can afford one, this is still a great investment, considering that it makes trimming safer and you will have a more comfortable position.
  • Blow Dryer – It will be pretty important for the end result because it will help you get the exact style for the poodle.
  • Scissors – Getting high-quality scissors for grooming is a must, especially considering that you’ll have to trim the hair from around the eyes of the pup. You can also use a great pair of scissors to remove any out-of-place hairs from the paw pads of the dog. Keep in mind that you should only use scissors if you know your way around them and you can consider yourself an expert because they can easily injure the pet.
  • Clippers – You can get a clipper set with blades number 10 that has an attachment comb for a great poodle cut.
  • Towel – You will use a towel to dry out the pup to make sure it won’t catch a cold when you are done.
  • Dog Conditioner – This is used to minimize tangles and mats that the poodle’s fur might get from staying moist.
  • Dog Shampoo – A hypoallergenic dog shampoo will be very important when you clean your dog especially if you know you have a pet with very sensitive skin. The alkaline pH of these shampoos will ensure the safety of your dog’s skin.
  • Dog Brush – This will be used to remove mats and tangles that the dog’s fur develops. You will usually need two different types of brushes, a slicker one and a bristles one.

Clean and Brush the Dog

Teddy Bear Cut For PoodlesBefore even starting to work on your toy poodle teddy bear cut, you will first need to clean and brush your pup. This is mostly to prevent any skin infections you might expose your dog to when trimming a dirty coat. This is why it is vital that you start this grooming process with a thorough brushing of the dog. Keep in mind that the coat of the pup should also be free of any mats or tangles.

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As soon as the brushing is done, go ahead and give your poodle a bath to get rid of any dirt. When washing a toy poodle you shouldn’t need more than a basin. Make use of both the conditioner and dog shampoo to make sure the coat is soft and then use the dryer and the towel to properly dry the dog.

Grooming the Body

  • You will start by cutting the button of the skull and then go over to the neck and clip it on each side.
  • You will then have to cut straight through the middle of the back and go towards the center of the tail.
  • The next part involves clipping over the hindquarters, This is where you will want to ensure that you are clipping with the growth of the hairs. Continue trimming all around the genitals, underarms, and abdomen, after switching to blade 10.

When looking for a great result, make sure you neaten up all messy parts with the help of scissors.

Clipping the Legs and Feet

When reaching the feet and legs you will just have to clip any extra hairs you notice. Keep in mind that they should be uniform in length and also rounded. If you can’t use a grooming table, make sure that you keep the pup as balanced as possible during this phase. After you’ve cut the hair on the feet, it should be almost the same size as the one on the body. In the same way, you will have to trim the tail hair to get it all to length as even as possible.


When cutting hairs from around the ears of the dog, it is best to do so with quality scissors. If you’re a novice in dog grooming, you’re better off just using a clipper, even though the results will be less than perfect. What you want to do at this stage is get the hair to a similar length to the rest of the coat. Keep in mind that clipping on ears is one of the most challenging parts of this cut with any carelessness leading to a pretty serious injury, so make sure you’re careful.


This is something you should take on only if you have the necessary experience and as a general rule, should be left for the end of the trimming session. If you don’t consider yourself an expert, get the help of a professional groomer instead of doing this yourself. With the help of scissors, you will have to feather and blend as you see fit. In the end, you should make sure that everything is neat and smooth. Make sure that the nose and eyes of the dogs are in the center of the circle when you’re cutting.

How Often Do You Need to Cut Your Toy Poodle’s Fur For a Teddy Bear Cut?

It is important to try to trim your pup’s fur in a teddy bear cut every 4 weeks if you want the poodle to always look as just taken out of the box. If perfection isn’t what you’re striving for, then 6-8 weeks between cuts will also be enough. If you want to keep the poodle’s coat in perfect condition, it is also vital that you brush it 2-3 times a week if not more. You will have to brush the dog every day if it is used to spending most of the time outside.

How Much Does a Teddy Bear Cut Cost?

This cut will in no way be expensive if you choose to trim the dog yourself at home. You will basically spend money only on the supplies and tools needed for the job and most of them will be reusable. If you go to a professional groomer, on the other hand, you will likely spend between $40 and $60 for a small to medium size dog. This price will usually depend on multiple factors like the dog’s coat type, tidiness, as well as your place of living.

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