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Popular Hermit Crabs

You might not know this but hermit crabs don’t socialize a lot. This can be pretty helpful if you’d want just one as a pet. One of the first issues you will be faced with when you bring your hermit crab home aside from creating its perfect habitat will be to find a great name for it. This article should give you some really interesting name ideas for a pet hermit crab.

Colors of the Ocean

You can get inspiration when it comes to naming your pet hermit crab from the many marine colors like green, cyan, teal, or blue, or from the pet’s skin color like orange, scarlet, or red, or even the color of the shell.

Most people consider a pet hermit crab quite the unusual choice of pet. These creatures are not at all active and will most of the time go through an entire day in the comfort of their shells. One important aspect you need to consider is that these creatures are very delicate and will need a lot of care to develop properly. You will have to build a tank or enclosure very similar to what they’d find in their natural habitat. They will become great pets for all of the family, including the children because they are practically harmless. They won’t need a lot of food or space either. You have a lot of different types of food you can give them because they are considered omnivorous.

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While naming, you can use the ocean and its coastal environment as inspiration. For example, a pet male hermit crab can be named ‘Blue’ or ‘Palm’, while the female can be named ‘Coral’, ‘Shelly’, or ‘Pearl’.

Famous Crab Names

If you don’t know what name to give your pet crab, then go for the name of a famous character. This list isn’t a very long one because, to be honest, I don’t know a lot of famous hermit grabs (some of them I found on Google myself), but you’ll surely find others as well if you’re passionate about these creatures.

  • Ms. Krabappel – Although not really a crab in the normal sense, her name does have the crab work in it and she is a very popular Simpsons character. )
  • Tamatoa, the giant crab from Moana
  • Cancer, after the star sign and constellation
  • Sebastian from The Little Mermaid
  • Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob SquarePants

Great Names for a Hermit Crab Pet

Female Pet Hermit Crab Names Male Pet Hermit Crab Names
Wavy Water
Tika Twister
Swirly Tongs
Sunny Toby
Spongy Tide
Silver Teal
Shini Surf
Shina Snappy
Shelly Shield
Shelby Shade
Sandy Sebastian
Sandra Seaman
Salty Scribbles
Saila Sand
Ruby Sammy
Pookie Raf
Peeky Palm
Peeka Oreo
Pearl Odie
Palm Pip
Orange Pench
Oceana Ocean
Nickie Mr. Krabs
Munchy Mr. Hook
Moe Mr. Deep
Mino Mr. Beach
Migo Moon
Meenie Max
Marina Jamie
Maria Hermie
Krabba Green
Kinky Gold
Keisha George

How Do You Know if a Hermit Crab Is a Boy or a Girl?

Hermit Crab NamesIt is usually pretty complicated to find out for sure what gender is your hermit crab. There are some people that would even tell you that hermit crabs can change their gender throughout their lifetimes. Although this is a hard task even for specialists, there are some clues that might help you out. Before reading the clues, keep in mind that you should never take a crab out of the shell using force, even if only for a short while in the hopes of determining its gender. It really isn’t a fun experience for the creature.

  • If you have an older, larger crab, then people say you can actually get the gender out of the look of its legs. The male will usually have spiny, hairy legs, while the female will have smoother ones.
  • A female land hermit crab will also have gonopores, which are small openings, which can be visible or not in the first section of her back walking legs.
  • To be perfectly honest, you might never know the gender of your hermit crab pet but there is also some good news about this: A hermit crab will never breed in captivity so if this was your problem, you really have nothing to worry about.

Naming Your Pair of Pet Hermit Crabs

  • Tide and Wave
  • Teensy and Weensy
  • Surf and Turf
  • Shelly and Shelby
  • Sea and Ocean
  • Sand and Paper
  • Peeky and Peepy
  • Foam and Roam
  • Curly and Hurly
  • Big and Small

It will take a lot of responsibility to raise any animal as your pet. You will have to read up on tips to raise the particular pet. If you’re not sure what to name a pet, you can always ask for help from family members because they might have some pretty creative ideas.

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