Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples?

Guinea Pig Eating Apple

It always brings us closer to people and pets when we share meals and treats with them. It’s always a lot of fun to get a snack, like a carrot, for example, cut it in half, and then share it with your smaller pet. Most of these small animals, guinea pigs included, not only enjoy, but also rely on these types of foods to have a balanced diet. If you ever had a guinea pig, then you surely know that these small creatures love to eat all kinds of plants, including some types of fruits. You will have to make sure you’re only giving your rodent things that it can eat and digest, and of course, too much of one type of food will mess up its diet and health. These guys are not only small but also very delicate when it comes to things they can eat, which is why you should be very careful and not just give them everything you have in your house. But the real question is this: Can a guinea pig eat apples? As long as they are prepared properly, yes, apples can be given in small quantities to your guinea pig.

So what does a guinea pig eat?

The average guinea pig should have a diet made of three important food groups and these are veggies and fruits, commercial pellets, and hay. Hay is the most important out of this list and should be a part of the pet’s cage always. This is why it is very important that you always replace any hay the pet eats or gets dirty over time. Along with hay, the pet should also get enough veggies and fruits. As a general rule, around one cup of leafy greens daily should be enough for your pig. This amount is per pet, which means that if you have two pigs, you’d need two pairs. You can also give them other fruits like kiwis, apples, and blueberries. Keep in mind that your pet shouldn’t eat just sweet fruit, just as you wouldn’t be able to eat just cake and sweets all day.

How often can you give them treats?

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When it comes to sugary snacks, daily is too much. So try giving your pig fruits once every two days. Veggies on the other hand, like basil, dark lettuce, or parsley, can be part of its normal, daily diet. In fact, it isn’t a bad idea to just get a whiteboard or some other thing where you can track when and what your pet has had as a dessert, so you’re sure you’re not giving it too much sugar. Too many treats might cause it to get diarrhea or other gastrointestinal issues. Also, try to mix treats up with some special foods the pet likes so that he gets more nutrients and a variety of tastes. Try to also add Vitamin C to the guinea pig’s diet because just like humans, they have a hard time synthesizing it themselves. Not getting enough vitamin C will put them at risk of getting scurvy.

Is it safe for guinea pigs to eat apples?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat ApplesIt’s not only safe, but it is also tasty for your piggie. In fact, when you want to give your pig a reward, apples can actually be your go-to treat. But how much apple can the pig eat in one go? Because clearly, a whole apple will be too much for such a small creature. At first, give it a small wedge and see if it actually likes its taste. Not all guinea pigs like the same types of foods, and you might even notice that your particular pig might like blueberries more than apples for example. To make sure you’re not hurting the little one’s digestive system, you should also introduce new foods slowly and look out for any side effects while trying a new fruit. Make sure you only give your pig an apple or two per week at first, and from there on, just weave a consistent repertoire or foods it likes.

Can guinea pigs eat apples with skin?

When you plan to give apple to your pet, make sure you prepare it properly first. When you give your pig an apple, make sure that the pet doesn’t get access to any part of the core or the seeds of the apple. The skin, on the other hand, is great, as it contains a lot of fiber and is also very tasty. You should also make sure that the fruit itself is not too acidic or under-ripe, and of course, as fresh as possible. Crab apples and green apples could be very harsh on the digestive system of the pet because they are so biting, which is why you should try to avoid these two varieties. Of course, you can always opt for the dried type, but when you do this, monitor the sugar intake of the pet carefully because dried sweets will usually come with a higher sugar amount and less water content.

Keep your guinea pig’s diet varied

You can’t give your pet a great life without also giving it the best possible meals. Just like people, pets also hate to eat the same thing every single day. Most of the time, you can just give your pig timothy hay in combination with side salads and the occasional strawberries for dessert. I shouldn’t have to say this but keep your guinea pig away from food for humans like bread and butter. You should also try to avoid onions, iceberg lettuce, and mushrooms. Although these rodents seem to like salt, too much of it will make them sick. Your pet will also have a hard time digesting any junk food.

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