Are Bananas Good for Hamsters? Why or Why Not?

Hamster Eating Banana

Yes, bananas are great for all types and species of hamsters. I even saw a Syrian Hamster in my clinic that would actually want to only eat bananas.

Bananas are not only tasty treats for hamsters but they are actually packed with positive side effects. They have an abundance of vitamin C and vitamin B, along with plenty of fiber, all of which hamsters have a really hard time getting from other sources.

Even though these fruits are great for hamsters when eaten in moderation, you shouldn’t give your hamster bananas more than twice per week and only one-quarter of a teaspoon per feeding.

It should only be considered a snack after a proper, more balanced meal, or a treat when the hamster behaves.

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Hamsters And Bananas

Hamsters are omnivores in the wild, eating anything from bugs, to roots and even nuts. While kept as pets, you can feed them just commercial hamster food, as long as it provides the necessary nutrients.

To keep the hamster as healthy as possible, you will have to adapt its diet to be as close to what it would eat in the wild as possible. This means that the occasional fruits and vegetables as treats will be great for the pet.

As a matter of fact, most fruits and vegetables will offer important nutrients that would be great for a diverse, balanced diet. Considering that bananas contain considerable amounts of carbohydrates and hamsters need about 60% carbohydrates in their diets to stay healthy according to recent studies, it is obvious why these fruits are great for your pet.

Below you will find a video of a hamster that eats a banana:

What Other Treats Can a Hamster Eat?

Hamsters actually need to eat a variety of foods to get all of the needed nutrients. Fruit and vegetables should be a big part of a hamster’s diet because they contain healthy fats and a decent amount of antioxidants that are great for the health of the rodent. Also, you can also add the occasional cheese and meat to the pet’s diet, because they are great protein sources.

If you’re not really sure whether your hamster should eat a particular food or not, then it would be better to simply avoid adding that particular food to its diet. If, on the other hand, your hamster managed to eat something you think might not be good for it, call your vet and ask.

3-Step System to Test Any New Hamster Treats

There is an easy-to-follow three-step system that hamster owners should use anytime they want to add a new food into the pet’s diet, either as a treat or as a big part of the normal diet.

So how do you test new foods for your pet hamster?

  1. First off, you should make sure that the food is fresh, washed, and without pesticides. Go for organic foods for the best results.
  2. To test whether your hamster wants to eat the treat and likes its taste, give it just a little piece as a test and then wait for a couple of days. Be on the lookout for any symptoms the rodent might develop.
  3. Over the next few weeks, introduce this treat into the diet at more and more frequent intervals, while always paying close attention to any symptoms the pet might develop.

Best Pet Hamster Food From Pet Stores

Funny Hamster Eating BananaIf you don’t want to give it a balanced diet made of individual food items that you buy, you can always feed your hamster with food from pet stores. But how would you know which kind of food is the best for your pet?

It’s all about trial and error. I am not going to promote here some pet food brands for commissions. So I`ll only give you some pointers so you can find the best food on your own. A great brand of hamster food should have these traits:

  1. It should have a decent amount of protein, fibers, vitamins, and other nutrients
  2. It shouldn’t become dusty while the hamster eats it
  3. It should be tasty enough so that the pet wants to eat it

Other Important Feeding Tips for Your Hamster

  • Always make sure your hamster has fresh water at its disposal. You should do your best to check the water bottle regularly and make sure that the water itself isn’t contaminated with dirt or other debris and that the bottle isn’t damaged or leaking. YOu will also make sure that your hamster drinks enough water because a lack of water can lead to dehydration, which would turn into a visit to the vet.
  • As soon as the pet finishes eating you should remove the leftover food to prevent it from rotting inside the cage. This is especially the case for vegetables and fruits, but also for powdered food, which would develop bacteria or mold.
  • If your hamster overeats vegetables, it can develop diarrhea. You should also avoid giving your pet too many sugary treats or fruits because this can quickly lead to a weight imbalance.

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