Why Does My Dog Keep Sniffing the Air or Ground?

Dog Sniffing Air

Is your dog somewhat of a detective and is always sniffing either the air or the ground wherever he roams around? Do you believe that your dog is sniffing so much that it is becoming concerning? Below you will find some of the most common reasons for a dog having this particular behavior.

Nervousness or anxiety

A dog that along with sniffing on everything is also pacing around all the time might be stressed or nervous. He might also be doing this as a way of figuring out what is happening either in or outside of the house when he sees or hears something out of the ordinary.

When your dog is nervous, his sniffing might also be accompanied by the tail being tucked in behind the back legs, yawning, or flattened ears. A lot of dogs will use sniffing as a way of taking their minds away from stressful sensations. One example is dogs that haven’t been properly socialized and when taken in the park, due to all of the commotion, they start sniffing the ground.

Your dog likes playing detective

Why is dog sniffingMost dogs have a natural instinct to investigate everything around them with their nose since their sense of smell is one of their most powerful senses. This means that your dog might just be a very good detective and will want to take the trace of any smell he finds weird or interesting while outside for a walk or even while spending time around the house.

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A change in someone’s body smell

What if the thing that your dog is always sniffing is you? Are there any parts of your body that your dog tries to smell the most? This can be caused by the ability of a dog to sense small changes in the way someone smells. An interesting example is those studies that have been able to show that dogs have this amazing ability to sniff all kinds of medical issues like low blood sugar levels or cancer.

Should I be concerned about the constant need for the dog to sniff on things?

No, this type of behavior is nothing to spend a thought on. Sniffing around, regardless of how often it happens, is considered a natural behavior that dogs have while also being a great way for the dog to escape the stress and stay healthy. This is why there are dog toys that have smells they find interesting, which are a great way for the dogs to relax. THese kinds of toys are known to be great with dogs suffering from separation anxiety or anxiety.

One of the situations in which dog owners will choose to stop the dog from sniffing is when he does this with their house guests and way too often. I find that the best way to deal with this is by training your dog to stop and stay calm after smelling the hands of a guest a couple of times. This type of training should be done through positive reinforcement and treats. You still want your dog to sniff the guests once to let him feed this instinct, or else you’re stressing him even more. As long as you praise your dog and give him treats when he stays calm around your guests, you’ll see that he loses interest in sniffing them all that much.

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