Why Do Some Dogs Sleep on Their Backs?

Dog Sleeping on its Back

Dogs have their way of keeping us entertained, regardless of whether this happens during mealtime, playtime, or even during naptime. A pup can make you smile even while it sleeps, with all the silly antics and cute motions it does. Some dogs also want to sleep spread out on their back, which might make you wonder why would they choose such a seemingly uncomfortable position.

All seeping positions for dogs have a certain meaning, from trying to avoid pain to general discomfort or simply getting comfier. So what is the actual reason for the dog sleeping on his back?


According to some veterinarians, this isn’t a very common position in the wild, wolves or wild dogs almost never adopting it, especially while sleeping. This is certainly an unsafe position, especially when an animal fears predators. Even so, dogs do roll over and expose their stomach from time to time while awake, as a way to express submission to a human or another dog, but it will usually be impossible to fall asleep like this.

Cooling off

Sleeping on its back might actually be a way for your furry friend to cool off, considering that dogs will regulate the temperature inside their body through their skin and paws. According to An article posted on the Southern Living website, dogs have it easier to cool off through their belly and paws because these areas have the thinnest fur, which makes it easier for the air to reach the skin.

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This means that you will have no reason to worry if you see your dog laying on a cool surface with its belly up.

This doesn’t have to be the main reason for a dog to take on sleeping on its back but it is something that would surely help. A dog will only sleep on its back when it feels safe around you. This is an incredibly vulnerable position for most animals including dogs, which means that your pet will have to be really comfortable around you to adopt it.

This is surely something to be happy about and it only means that what you’re doing as a dog owner is actually the right approach and makes your pup happy.


Dogs Sleeping PositionIt might happen that your dogs sees you around and flips on its back looking for a belly rub but dozes off soon after that. These might be times when the dog, although sleepy, needs your attention, which is adorable to say the least.

Although scratching your dog’s belly in moments like this will surely strengthen the bond between you, this will also reinforce this behavior and you might see more of it in the future. It will be up to you ultimately if you consider this a good thing or not.


Sleeping on your back is surely a comfortable position for you, right? Well, this is also true for your dog.

Regardless of the actual position your dog chooses for sleep, be it on its stomach, side, or back, the main reason is that it is comfortable. And if the dog seems to be enjoying a deep sleep and seems well-rested when waking up, then it was surely a comfortable position.

Why is it great that your dog sleeps on its back?

There are no reasons for concern if you notice your dog is sleeping on your dog. YOu shouldn’t worry if your dog doesn’t choose this position either. A happy pet will adopt other resting positions as well.

A dog sleeping on its back isn’t just feeling comfortable, but also safe. A dog won’t feel safe with an owner that doesn’t treat it right, so you’re surely doing a good job.

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