Proper Dog Breeds for Kids and Families

Golden Retriever With Kid

Owning a dog is a huge responsibility, which is why the decision to buy or adopt one must be well thought out. There is no perfect dog for everyone, but you may find the perfect dog for you and your family! The choice of the dog that will be the best friend of a child must be determined not only by the appearance and beauty of the animal but especially by its character and predisposition to certain behaviors. These are determined both by the origin of the breed and by the training of the dog.

Types of dog breeds for kids

Every child goes through a phase when they want a pet, and most of the time this choice is a dog. These animals empower and enhance communication skills. Thanks to the dog, the child is motivated to be active, which is extremely important nowadays.

A small child dreams of petting and hugging a small breed dog, but in the case of older children, the desire is often already directed to large dogs or even giants. Is this the right way to choose a dog breed? Not necessarily. The size of a dog is not related to its attitude toward people and family members. A large size dog can only increase the parents’ fear that such a dog can harm the child, but this is not true, as he can become the child’s best friend.

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Ideal dogs for children should have a high level of patience and tolerance. The dog should not react aggressively when teased or fed. It is also recommended that children’s first pets should not be those with hunting instincts or those with a high need for exercise. This has to do with the fact that parents with young children cannot spend so much time taking care of the dog’s needs and satisfying them.

The ideal dog for family members

When choosing a dog for the child, it is recommended to take into account its age as well. When deciding on an adult or older dog, it is necessary to track the dog’s history and learn about its previous behavior. The good part is that such an acquisition helps you know whether he loves children or not, while the adult size of the dog is already visible.

The process of adopting or buying a young dog, on the other hand, has other advantages. The puppy can be trained from the beginning, for which you will need training accessories that will be bought from the pet store. In addition, the bond that will be created between a puppy and a small child growing up together is unimaginable! Such affection is projected throughout the young human’s entire life. A puppy is also an inexhaustible source of energy. He will certainly not be bothered by the constant desire to play and will become an excellent playmate for children.

Dog breeds for children


This dog breed has a particularly cute appearance and reaches small adult size. These dogs are typical for the sofa and will do well even in a small apartment. They are playful, loyal, and prefer to follow the household members step by step. Mop dogs do not tend to hang on and get along very well with other dogs as well as other animals.

English Bulldog

These dogs certainly do not like intense activities. They get tired quickly and like quiet play or just hugs. English bulldogs are famous for being excellent nannies even for the youngest children. However, because of their poor physical condition, they may not be able to keep up with the most active members of the household.

West highland white terrier

West highland white terrier is another breed of pet dog that can be raised in a family with children. Westies are friendly and balanced dogs. They are considered to be a breed of intelligent dogs. They will do well with long activities and outdoor games, followed by a relaxing time on the couch. Older children will have fun teaching them various tricks and commands.

Bichon Frise

Do you have a small child and want a dog? A Bichon-Frise dog can be your ally because it loves the company of children! He is an affectionate, friendly and gentle dog. He likes both long petting sessions on your lap and playing outside.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This is a child-loving dog, but with young members who don’t know the boundaries when it comes to their relationship with animals, they may not be doing well. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a rather sensitive dog with a weak psyche. Frequent mocking, without his consent, will not lead to aggression but can lead to the withdrawal and sadness of the dog. Cavalier will be a dog breed suitable for playing with older children who respect the dog’s space, but this behavior must be taught by the parent.

Large and medium-sized dog breeds for kids

Labrador retriever

Samoyed With ChildIn the case of this breed, the size of the dog is of little importance. The Labrador is a large dog, but it behaves its entire life like a puppy, both in its actions and the need for closeness! This breed loves people of all ages and conformations. However, it is important to remember that Labradors need as much movement as love. Long, frequent walks and running outside will be an essential part of the day. Because of their high need for exercise and considerable body size, Labradors need larger portions of dog food than the other breeds included in this list.

Golden retriever

The golden retriever is known to be one of the friendliest dog breeds. Their tenderness, attachment to family, and devotion are known all over the world. They’re easy to train, but they shouldn’t be left alone for long. This breed without its human family suffers and can develop very severe separation anxiety.


They are called smiling clouds for a reason. They are happy and energetic dogs. They are an ideal dog breed for older children to explore the world together, play, and run. The Samoyed has a very lush fur that always molts. Regular care is required and you need to take time to comb its fur.

The kindest dogs grow in the family

It is important to note that the listed breeds are only prone to be ideal dogs for children inside the right family. The character of the dog can always differ from the breed standard, the dog’s education and the conditions in which he grew up and lived are crucial.

Every dog should be given a lot of time and attention, especially at the beginning, when training should be a daily activity.

I recommend that you calmly offer dry and wet food to your dog, as well as basic commands. In the pet store, there is a huge selection of products for dogs of all ages.

A dog cage is also very important for the dog to get used to, and activities with toys or accessories will help strengthen the bond between the dog and the children or the entire family. Closeness is also created when you feed your dog, especially if it is the food that the dog loves!

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