Wild Animals

Some wild animals you wouldn’t necessarily like as pets

Most Intelligent Animals

The Smartest Animals in the World

When we say intelligence, we mean more or less the ability to find solutions to problems that arise. Originally, humans believed that they were the only intelligent beings and considered themselves superior. Animals also have a degree of intelligence, which although we can’t compare to the one in humans, still often surprises us. The ability

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Binturong Facts

Interesting Facts About The Binturong

Origin The Binturong or “the bear cat” is part of the order of Carnivora, the family Viverridae. Binturong is found in South and South-East Asia. The wide range of distribution extends from Java Island in Indonesia to Yunnan in South China. Countries, where Binturong is located, include Nepal, Bangladesh, India, China, Indonesia, and Bhutan. Although

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