October 26, 2022

How to Make Traveling With Your Cat More Pleasant

A plane ride is more unpleasant for a cat than a car ride. Unknown odors, loud noises, and pressure equalization make flying uncomfortable even for quiet indoor cats. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to avoid traveling with the cat on the plane. Whether you move or stay abroad for […]
October 24, 2022

Taurine for Cats: Why It’s Important

Most people have heard of taurine, especially when it comes to energy drinks. In this article, I will explain why taurine is very important for cats. Taurine in the body of the cat Taurine is a breakdown product of an amino acid from animal proteins. The correct term is aminoethyl […]
October 21, 2022

The Maine Coon Size Compared to Normal Cats

Among the biggest domestic cats that people raise around their homes are the Maine Coons. The reason for their impressive size is that these particular cats are found mostly in Maine, where winters with brutally cold temperatures have made them develop into a really impressive breed, that can withstand even […]
October 20, 2022

The Black Cat and The Halloween

Halloween is a European holiday of Celtic origin, “Americanized” and taken over by many peoples of the Western world. The non-Christian celebration through its manifestations, however, is accepted by the Catholic church. Halloween is celebrated on the night of October 31, although in some countries the date varies. For example, […]
October 19, 2022

Cats and Christmas: Tips for Quiet Holidays

Cats and Christmas decorations are old “enemies” and will probably always remain so. Most cat owners have already come to terms with the idea that the fluffy family member will act as a little Terminator as soon as the magic of Christmas begins to spread in your home. Of course, […]
October 8, 2022

Sphynx Cat Breed Facts

Origin Over the past 100 years, hairless kittens have appeared spontaneously among domestic cats. This natural, spontaneous mutation appears to be a relatively common one, since hairless cats have been discovered in Canada, France, Mexico, Russia, Australia, and the United States. However, many of these breeds have never been perfected. […]
October 4, 2022

How Much Protein Does a Cat Need in its Daily Diet?

Proteins are found in the structure of all living organisms. They are macromolecular organic substances made of amino acid chains. For normal growth and proper tissue function, cats need animal protein. An essential amino acid for cats is taurine, which in nature is sourced from the brains of mice. In […]
September 22, 2022

What is The Real Cat Age in Human Years?

Although most cat parents will treat their pets like children, they also ask themselves from time to time what is the real age of the cat in human years. The good news is that this is actually pretty simple to figure out. It will only take some simple math or, […]