Can Dogs Eat Bacon Bits? Are There Any Benefits or Risks?

Can Dogs Eat Bacon Bits

Often served to a crisp, bacon is a piece of pork that is salt-cured. You will usually find anywhere between 40 and 60 calories in a sliced of cooked bacon, depending mostly on how thick it is cut. It will contain no fiber or carbohydrates, but it will have almost equal amounts of protein and fat. Bacon is known to contain a few minerals and vitamins and a considerable amount of sodium.

What’s also important is the fact that bacon is processed, which can present some health risks to people, but also pets, due to the way in which it is made and cooked.

So Can Dogs Eat Bacon Bits?

Although not recommended, yes, dogs can eat bacon. Bacon is for sure a tempting and tasty treat, especially for a meat-eating pet. But at the same time, bacon is processed, full of fats, and salty, which makes it not all that good for your dog’s health.

You shouldn’t get too alarmed if your dog sneaks into the kitchen and goes for a bite of bacon. It won’t be toxic in small quantities. But consumed in considerable amounts, it will feature some important health risks.

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I personally recommend that you try to keep your dog away from bacon in general, and only keep it as a treat for rare occasions, and then, in small bits and pieces, because too much of this food can put your dog at risk for pancreatitis and obesity.

It is always best to avoid going your pets salty and fatty foods because these can easily damage their hearts.

If you want to replace bacon with something healthier then you should go for cooked bits of fish or chicken, which are considered lean protein.

Although small amounts of bacon bits will have no noticeable effects on your dog’s health, ingesting considerable amounts periodically can lead to food poisoning.

Can your dog die from bacon bits?

Bacon Bits For Your DogBacon bits will only be bad for dogs in general when ingested in large amounts. They will do no harm if they are in small size and quantity.

But what will actually happen when you give too much bacon to your dog?

Excessive amounts of bacon bits can make your dog develop diarrhea because of all of the fatty ingredients. Your dog might also experience dehydration and vomiting due to all of the salt that will get into its system.

If you know for a fact that your dog has eaten bacon bits and you find it vomiting shortly after, you should get it to a vet as soon as possible, as its body might already start to develop some severe complications.

Can puppies eat bacon bits?

Yes, puppies can eat small quantities of bacon bits as well. But considering that their bodies are even more susceptible to the side effects of the fatty meals, you should give them bacon in even smaller quantities than for adult dogs.

How many bacon bits can I feed my dog?

If you only feed your dog with a couple of small bites of bacon, they should enjoy the treats with no actual risk to their health.

The size and weight of your dog will also influence the amount of bacon it can eat without issues. This means that you should give a smaller number of bacon bits to smaller dogs.

What can I replace bacon bits with?

These foods are a good replacement for bacon bits for your dog:

  • Carrot sticks are the best for dogs, but vegetables and whole carrots without sauce will also work
  • Cooked beans and broccoli but in smaller quantities to prevent gas issues
  • Plain tomato sauce or even pasta sauce but without heavy cream
  • Tuna chunks
  • Fish without the skin
  • Meatballs
  • Lean beef
  • Chicken pieces, roasted, if possible
  • Plain brown rice
  • Fat-free yogurt
  • Pasta but without toppings or sauces
  • wheat bread
  • If your dog likes them, you could even give it air-popped popcorn, but also in small amounts

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